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64, Ganesh Nagar, West Marredpally, Secunderabad 500026.
E.mail: missionsaromayo@gmail.com Phone 40-27802491
We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
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Our Meeting to hand over the Memo to the Vice Chancellor, SV

Our Meeting to hand over the Memo to the Vice Chancellor, SV.V.U


Dr. D.V.G. Krishnamohan.

Vice Chancellor.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Sri Venketeswara Veterinary University,

Admn. Office, Regional Library Bldg.,

TRUPATI517 502. A.P.


Honíble Sir,


An appeal for your kindhelp in the Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme.


Under advise of our President,Dr. M.V. Shantaram. Retd. Dean of AP Agricultural University, we may present briefly on our society and itís activity.

We are a group of citizens of Hyderabad & Secunderabad, who are concerned with the plight of street dogs in our city.So we formed an association named Mission Saromayo,(Sanskrit name for a dog) to remove the stray dogs from the city and rehabilitate them in homes & other places, after sterilization, immunization and other treatments. This will primarily help our citizens to have a safe & serene dog free street. We are working in association with the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, USA.This uphill task can only be achieved by the coordinated efforts and help from all agencies for street dogs, veterinary fraternity &of course citizens


We have a time bound Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme , through the following activities.


  1. To publicise our Mission to get support & help from all citizens who hates a dog or loves a dog.
  2. To take out fear psychosis (cynophobia) from the minds of people, especially from the minds of children, to make them familiar with dogs and to prove them how lovable and useful they are. We will specially take sessions in schools with live puppies and dogs to make the children†††

know that street dogs are also as good as pedigreed dogs, for taking as a pet.

††††† 3,†† To introduce a Mobile OT & Dispensary Service for all dogs.

††††† 4.†† To establish a Rehabilitation Centre for sterilizing & immunizing puppies & dogs

†††††††††††† for preparing them for adaptation in homes, gated communities, farm houses, factories etc.

†††††††††††† and to give shelter to sick, disabled& uncontrollable dogs.

  1. To find homes for puppies & dogs in our twin cities as well as all over India and abroad, through intensive publicity & campaigning.

To implement this dream project we need your kind patronage Sir, to set an example on an ideal coordinated project to solve a social problem.We need your kind consideration for the following facilities:

  1. Services of Veterinary Doctors, Surgeons, Internees, Attendants as well as basic medicines and equipments to operate the first Mobile Dispensary & O.Tin our cities. The van is being provided to us by SPCA & People for Animals Society,. This will be operated as the extension service of SV University jointly with SPCA/PFA & Mission Saromayo. We can utilize all the discarded equipments from the university hospitals in the van after restoration.


  1. Allowing us to shift the Street Dogs at the unutilised enclosures for animals at the University campus, Rajendranagar,for preparing them for adaptation after immunization/sterilisation.†††††

  1. Allowing us to utilize the vacant halls and enclosures at the Bhoiguda hospital for aftercare service to sterilized, injured and sick street dogs.


Our volunteers will be in assistance for all services inclusive of food & staff , in implementing the project.

We shall be very much obliged Sir, if you allow us to have an audience with you after the happy occasion of your facilitation ceremony at the Bhoiguda Guest House on 8th instant, in presence of our President, Dr. Shantaram. to explain our plan in detail and to get your able guidance.

We look forward to your generosity, Sir


Profound regards.



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