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Letter to the participants of the First Meet to form a Society

Letter to the participants of the First Meet to form a Society.

64, Ganesh Nagar West Marredpally,

Secunderabad 500026. A.P. INDIA.

Phone 91 40 27802491

E.Mail: missionsaromayo@gmail.com

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Ref: MSG080424 Date: April 24, 2008










Dear Street Dog Lovers,


It was indeed an occasion of joy & encouragement when we all gathered on 20th instant to chalk out a programme for rehabilitation of street dogs.  We are sure that the feelings for this helpless `best friend of ours ‘which has urged you to take all the trouble to meet, will make this mission successful.  We are grateful to you for your kind support.


The following ladies & gentlemen were present:


1. Smt. Roshan Naidu  2. Km. G . Kavya Naidu  3. Km. MM Aarthi  5. Smt. Vibha Jain, 6. Sri V.S Khader Basha 7. Sri R . K . Roy  8. Smt. Supriya Roy.


 Draft Constitution of the Mission & projections on the Mission operation were circulated. 


 The following points were discussed and course of action decided.


  1. It has been agreed that the Mission to be registered under AP Society’s Act.
  2. Seven executive members will be appointed initially with ad-hoc positions.
  3. The Mission will enroll Members with a minimum donation of Rs. 100.
  4. A Membership Form will be circulated for approval.
  5. Advertisements will be inserted in English, Hindi, Urdu & Telegu newspapers to invite

Both dog haters & lovers to join us for Dog Rehabilitation Programme.

  1. The draft advertisement material will be circulated for suggestions and approval.

      After formation of the Society, the Ministers & officials in Govt & Municipality Officials will  

      be contacted to appraise on our mission and to seek their help

  1. A School Children Education Programme will be started with the consent of the Principals

      of the schools ward off their fear on dogs and to encourage them to adapt Indian puppies.

      Live puppies will be taken to make them familiar with joy of fondling puppies.   

  1. To allow better communications with people in Telegu & Tamil, the caller will be requested

      to contact either Smt. Naidu or Smt. Visnumurthy,

9.  Smt. Naidu & Shri Vishnumurty will check the possibility of obtaining IT Exemptions

       under Sec 80 & 80CC etc for donating the funds to the Mission. The Corporate Houses

       will only donate if IT Exemptions are granted.   

     10.  Since actions speaks more than words, it was decided to start a pilot project at the 200SqYds Plot

            at Miyapur Housing Colony. The entire surrounding area is vacant and if we are lucky, we can get the

            barren rocky   land just in front of the plot for the full fledged Mission work.   This will help us to present

            our work to convince people & statutory authorities on the viability of our mission.

11.  We will seek loan & donations to build the bare minimum low cost infrastructure and a   vehicle for pilot operations.  A rough estimate of the cost will be Rs. 3 lakhs.

1.      Draft Constitution suggestions/alterations/approvals are requested to make the final Constitution.  Signatures of Seven Members will be obtained and the same will be submitted.  Responsibility- R.K. Roy & Shri G . K . Vishnumurthy.

2.      Ad-hoc President will be Shri G.K. Vishnumurthy, Retd. Asstt. Director, Dept of Employment & ardent Street Dog  Saviour.  Ad-hoc Vice-President will be Smt. Vibha Jain.Company Director & free lance fashion feature writer in       newspapers.  They will appoint Members for other positions with mutual consultations.

3&4 Draft Membership Form is attached for approval. Design of Membership Badge to be approved in the

         next meet

5&6 Draft matter for 2 column advertisements are attached for approval. Smt. Vibha Jain will

       kindly insert an advertisement in Hindi Milap.

7.         A draft letter to be sent to Principals of schools is attached for approval.  A team of Smt. Vibha Jain, Smt. Roshan Naidu, Km.MM Aarathi.& Smt Rukmini Vishnumurty will interact will school managent to start the programme.  Km

MM Aarathi to provide puppies for demonstration.      

8.         O.K. with Smt. Roshan Naidu & Smt. Rukmini Vishnumurthy.

9,10 &11. The detailed plan will be discussed in the next meeting.


11. Two proposals have come for holding the next meeting on 18th May 2008 (Sunday).either at Ameerpet or at Alwal. Please send your choice for the venue of the next meet or you want it at West Marredpally.

MAY 2008

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