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Report on the 2nd Meet held on 10th May, 2008.


Dear Members,


It was indeed an achievement for us to get together for the 2nd meeting of our Mission.  We are grateful to Smt. Vibha Jain for organizing the meeting at her place as well as for the hospitality.


The following persons were present:


  1. Dr. M.V.Shantaram. Ex Dean. A.P Agriculture University.
  2. Shri KG Vishnumurthy. Ex Director, Dept of Employment.
  3. Lt. Col. C.P Sriram. Sr. Officer, DGQA, Indian Army.
  4. Smt. Vibha Jain. Beautician & Herbal Care Specialist.
  5. Smt. Suzy Abraham. Insurance Service Organizer.
  6. Smt. Rama Devi Menon. Journalist & Feature Writer.
  7. Smt. Neeta Lahiry. Officer. Civil Aviation. Authority.
  8. Shri  R . K . Roy. Retired Engineer.


The following points were discussed and finalized:

  1. Nomination of Office Bearers for submitting Society Registration papers.
  2. Enrollment of Members.
  3. Formation & distribution of Task Groups for the Mission activities..


We are pleased to get the following persons nominated in the ad-hoc Committee.


  1. Dr. M.V. Shantaram.                         President
  2. Smt. Vibha Jain                                Vice President.
  3. Smt. Roshan Naidu                           Treasurer
  4. Smt. Suzy Abraham                           Jt. Secretary
  5. Smt. Neeta Lahiry                           Exec. Committee Member
  6. Smt. Rama Devi Menon                           Exec. Committee Member
  7. Smt. G. Roshan Naidu                           Exec. Committee Member
  8. Smt. MM AArthi                           Exec. Committee Member
  9. Smt. Ramya Sudarshan                           Exec. Committee Member
  10. Lt. Col. C.P Sriram                           Exec. Committee Member
  11. Shri V.S. Khader Bhasa                           Exec. Committee Member
  12. Shri R. K. Roy                           Secretary-Coordinator

It has been emphatically accepted at the meeting that each member will be considered as the active executives of the Mission as the above mentioned committee had been formed for the registration purpose only.


The first Eight Members of the Mission had been enrolled and Rs. 100.00 Donation has been accepted from each. The List of Members with all details will be published from time to time .through internet & print. All dog lovers are requested to fill up the Membership Form on line or download it or inform us to bring the form to them. 


The following Task Committee will be formed with the task mentioned against each. The Members of the Task Committee will meet to chalk out their programme & actions to be discussed at the monthly Executive

Committee Meeting. The Secretary will be in assistance to all groups. Volunteers will be appealed to render their expertise & help to achieve results.


Task Committee 1.   Programme Implementation Group Members. .

Smt. Suzy Abraham, Dr. MV Shantaram, Shri R.K Roy,  Lt.Col C.P. Sriram,

 Task: Interaction with VIPs, Officials, Statutory Bodies, Animal Welfare Organizations, and Veterinary Organizations for getting the programme implemented on ground as well as to get financial & other Infrastructure assistance.  


 Task Committee 2:  Publicity Group Members.

  Smt. Rama Devi Menon, Smt. Ramya Sudarshan, Smt. Kavya Naidu.

  Task: To publicize the Mission objective through print & multimedia to bring more & more people as members for the success of Mission. Newspapers are to be persuaded to spare some space to the social problem of street dog on every week and to encourage people to follow the work being done by citizens of this city for the street dogs, Queries on Indian dog & maintenance of Indian dogs.



 Task Committee 3. Public Relations & Public Awareness Group Members.

  Smt. Vibha Jain, Smt. Neeta Lahiry, Smt. G, Roshan Naidu & Smt. MM Aarthi.

  Task: To educate school children `Be Aware of Dogs’ and not Beware of Dogs. To take out the fear psychosis of dogs (cynophobia) from the young minds. Live puppies will be taken First to make them familiar with puppies first then their parents can be brought to show grown Indian dog Chingu to demonstrate how docile & lovable they can be. TV and radio talks on Indian dogs will be arranged also. Thus with intensive public awareness homes for Indian puppies can be ensured


  Task Committee 4. Medical Treatment & Advisory Group Members.

  Dr. Rama Rao, Dr. Latha, Dr. M.ViswaNadha Raju,  Smt. Nita B. George. Sri RK Roy.,   

. Task: To implement Mobile Operation Theatre cum Dispensary scheme, Remote Medical Advise,  Emergency care & Post Operative/Indoor treatment/care of dogs.  Arrangement of medicines &  other supplies for treatment. Arrangements for food & diets. Publicity will be given on the Mobile OT cum Dispensary Service for both pedigreed & Indian dog treatment.  

  Donation will be collected for the service for pedigreed dogs to cover expenses for mobile Medical Service for street dogs.   A full time retired vet. attendant will be engaged


 All are requested to come forward with any suggestions or advice they may kindly wish to convey to us, without any hesitation. They can also tell us on any assistance they require in regards to Indian dogs.


Please forward your convenient date & time for the next monthly meeting. In June. 2008.


Best wishes,




R . K . Roy.