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JUNE 2008

JUNE 2008.



Report on the 3rd Meet held on 15th June, 2008.



Dear Members,


We were happy to meet for the third time at our place at West Marredpally,


The following Members were present:


  1. Dr. M.V.Shantaram.
  2. Ms. Suzy Abraham.
  3. Ms. Rama Devi Menon.
  4. Km Priyanka S.
  5. Km Nina Paropkari,
  6. Km Kavya Naidu G.
  7. Km Ramya Sudarshan.
  8. Km  Tara Komarraju
  9. Km. Neeharika U.
  10. Ms. Nita George.
  11. Ms. Roshan Naidu G.
  12. Ms. Sridharan.
  13. Ms. Supriya Roy.
  14. Dr.  MV Raju.
  15. Mr. Nanda Lal Das.
  16. Mr. Ajay Sridhar.
  17. Mr  R . K . Roy. .


The following points as per agenda were discussed and finalized:


1.      Announcement on the Registration of the Society as Mission Saromayo by the Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad.

2.      Vote of thanks to Ms. Vibha Jain for releasing an advertisement in DC inviting people to join us.

3.      Vote of thanks to Ms. Rama Devi Menon for taking up the Dingoo Adoption campaign in Hindu newspaper.

4.      Vote of thanks to Ms, Vasanthi Vadi, Chairperson of SPCA kindly agreeing to allow the use of a vehicle for Mobile Dispensary.

5.      The details of our talk with Dr. DVG Krisnamohan, VC. SV Vet. University, we had on our desire to get facilities for running the mobile dispensary, post operation care centre & a space for keeping the dogs rescued from streets. He has very kindly consented to provide us all help after consulting others. 

6.      The details of our meeting with Ms. Aruna Bahuguna. IPS, Director General of Fire Services to get us introduced to the Commissioner of GHMC & the Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry Dept. She gave her considerable time to us and supported our mission. She personally spoke to the Commissioner GHMC. And promised to speak to the Principal Secretary later, as he was not in his office.

7.      We met the Commissioner of GHMC and submission of a memorandum to him for implementation of a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of Street Dogs. He forwarded the memo, to the Addl. Commissioner for Health & Sanitation. for his meeting with us. (Copy attached.)

8.      We had requested Madam Maneka Gandhi to bring all animal welfare organization

    of Hyderabad under one umbrella to compel GHMC to follow the PCA Act. and to put an   

    effective integrated Street Dog welfare programme under her leadership.

9.      We had requested Madam Amala Akkineni of Blue Cross to form a joint action programme for the prevention of cruelty to dogs by the GHMC & to rehabilitate them with our mutual co-operation.

10.      We have also written to the Director General & Inspector General of Police to take the

       example of Chattisgarh & Bihar Police in training & engaging Indian dogs for snuffer and

       security duty, to give a chance to at least one Indian dog.

11.      We have decided that we will advertise in the newspaper for adoption whenever the dogs & puppies are rescued by our members.

12.       The need of Printing and Publishing a brochure cum poster has been discussed and Dr. Shantaram has taken up the task for design & other arrangements. Ms. Priyanka will help him in the task.

13. Dr. Shantaram has agreed to explore the possibility of our Registration for Sec. 80G exemption from Income Tax for getting donations from corporate houses.

14.  We felt the need of a Dog Loving Advocate to file Public Interest Litigations to stop the merciless killing of dogs by the GHMC in the name of dog catching. Ms. Rama Devi Menon

Agreed to talk to her known advocate to motivate her to take up the cases.

        All members have been urged to take photographs (preferably movies) of the brutal dog

        catching with clear view of the operations the people are doing, faces of two local residents

        watching the scene, vehicle with number plate & a landmark of the area for identifications,. 

        If date & times gets incorporated in the scenes through the camera then it will be excellent.

        This is the only way we can do something for these hapless dogs.

15. An Action Group has been formed with Ms/s. Vibha Jain, Rama Devi Menon, Priyanka, Neeharika, Nina, Ramya, Aarthi, and Kavya & Ajay to be known as MS Force. They will make the MS known to all through publicity, membership & volunteers drive, arrange School Education Programme and dog/puppy rescue/rehabilitation. 

16. A group has been formed with Dr, Shantaram, Ms. Suzy Abraham & Dr. MV Raju to liaison

     with all Govt Officials, SV Vet. University, GHMC., Blue Cross, SPCA etc.    

17. All members are to help these groups as and when required.

18.  A total fund of Rs. 2400 (two thousand four hundred) collected through Membership Donation have been handed over to our Treasurer, Ms. Roshan Naidu G. She will keep proper accounts of income & expenditure. The accounts will be at our website for anyone to see. I

19. It has been decided that Membership Donation will only be spent on the direct expenditure of dogs like medicine, license fee, vaccination, treatment, food etc. through the approval of the Executive Committee. 

20. To cover other expenditures like, printing, school education, publicity, advertisement, fees etc we need to have a separate Donation fund. We request our members or anyone who feels for the street dogs may contribute to this fund. A separate receipt for this fund will be given. All donations will be shown at our website.

21. It has been decided that all the communications will be sent through e.mail for all those

     having e.mail.  Those who are not having e.mail are requested to open an e-mail account

     as soon as possible. The mission will help in opening an account. They have to spend Rs.

    10 max to view the messages at any Cyber Café.  Possibility of sending SMS alert is being



22.      Ms. Neeharika has been congratulated for creating an excellent website for us. Ms. Moumita

has also donated for the official website & designed it.  

23.      In appreciation of the excellent work being done in rescue & rehabilitation of dogs &

      puppies single handedly, our young member was presented with Medical Kit for the dogs.

      We will give medical kit to all who wants to rescue dogs and puppies.


The meet ended with a toast of cold drink and sweet to Ms. Vibha Jain to wish her Happy Birthday. Unfortunately she could not join as she got stuck-up in traffic while returning home.

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