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Canines in mythology
Article - Canines in Mythology

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.
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     Our First Adoption Programme.  The Dingoo Story.

Mr Jamaluddin Khiljee & Mrs  Mallika Ghosh Khiljee sought Mission Saromayo help to get their rescued young dog a caring home. They already have two dogs in their flat so the third one Dingoo could not be accommodated. Dingoo was lying on roadside with fractured leg.  He was rescued and treated extensively to get his fracture healed. We sent the message of Dingoo over internet  and our member Smt. Rama Devi Menon  insered Dingoo Message in the Daily  Hindu.  We got  good response and after talking to the number of Dingoo Adoption seekers we narrowed down to Master Samudrala Adarsh Rao  to give him Dingoo.  Master Rao had to undergo an interview with Mr. Jamaluddin, who is the Director of HRD at Marriott Hotels. All were satisfied with the knowledge of Master Rao on animals and were convinced of the love he has for dogs. Dingoo’s foster parents had to part with Dingoo with much reluctance. Mrs. Ghosh Khiljee broke down as she has to

hand over the Dingoo to Master Rao.

The Daily Hindu covered the adoption Ceremony vividly and published as the main title story on their DownTown Section of their newspaper.


Dingoo is living happily now with Master Samudrala Rao. He was commended by his school principal at the school assembly.






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