Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

64, Ganesh Nagar, West Marredpally, Secunderabad 500026.
E.mail: missionsaromayo@gmail.com Phone 40-27802491
We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.


MISSION SAROMAYO.                   



Name : ____________________________________________________________________________                                

                      Surname                            Middle Name                       First Name.


Occupation:________________ Age (if below 18 years)_____ School:________________________


Name of Father/Mother(for Minors).______________________________ Occupation____________


Postal Addresss: ___________________________________________________________________



Telephone Nos:_____________________________E.Mail Address:_________________________ 


Possession of Dog/s _____No/s.  Pedigreed_____ No/s  Indian____No/s. Ages_______________   


Time Donation for the Mission Work?  Yes/NO.  How much time____Hrs.  Daily/Weekly/Monthly.      


Which work of the Mission you can best perform? (Tick)Administration & Accounting/Fund Raising/Public Relation & Education / Multimedia Publicity & Adaptation Campaign/ Statutory, Govt. & Corporate House  Liaison/ Street Dog Care in your locality/ Medical & Surgery/Food Management/Legal Aid/ Transport/ Construction Projects & Maintenance/ Web Design/

Any other work_____________________________________________________________________


Do you have any idea or suggestions, how the Mission should work? Please describe below:










I am joining the Mission Saromayo to remove all street dogs from our city and to find accommodation for them.  I do believe that they are also creatures of God and therefore deserves our care to give them a better life. I solemnly pledge to do my best to achieve the

Mission goal to help our society as well as street dogs and be proud to live in a street dog free city.   I have gone through the Rules and Regulations of the Mission Saromayo and agree to abide by the same.


I hereby donate a sum of Rs. 100 (One Hundred Only) as my contribution for Membership.



  Date:                                                          Signature.               

                                                                     Signature of Parents(for minors).






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Application Received  by: Sig/ Name/Date____________________________________________


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Membership Registered By.                                                  Regn: No.  0000  00  00  00                                            

                                                  Sig/Name                                                     Sl   Yr MM DD



Membership Donation Received By Sig/Name/Date:______________________________________




Receipt No:                               Date;



Entered in the  computer system by.Sig/Name/Date.______________________________________                            



Membership Badge & Rules Issued  by. Sig/Name/Date. ___________________________________















Approved :     President/ Vice President/ Secretary.