Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

64, Ganesh Nagar, West Marredpally, Secunderabad 500026.
E.mail: missionsaromayo@gmail.com Phone 40-27802491
We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
Canines in mythology
Article - Canines in Mythology

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.


Since the last Five Years, we have established the Home for Dogs at a 4 acre land connected with a bitumen Achampet Chowtapally Road, near Achampet (a flourishing town at at.Lat. 16.404, Long 78.656 ) of Nagarkurnool Dist, Telangana State, (150 Km from Hyderabad, the capital city), after shifting from Secunderabad(twin city of Hyderabad). We are located 3Km from Achampet, at the foothills of Srisailam Shrine (a famous Lord Shiva temple), Tiger and Monkey Sanctuary and a major hydel. powerhouse. We have a peaceful location with nearest habitation at 1 Km distance. Bit by bit we made Shelters, Kitchen, Store, Residential Quarters with basic amenities, Operation Theatre, Dispensary and Treatment cum Recovery Ward etc. in one acre fenced enclosure. In fenced half acre enclosure a lush green ground is there for their daily exercise through playing. A water pond has been provided for their dipping during summer. Three acres of land is utilised for agro-horticulture, to support Home expenditure.

Besides having dual power supply of 240V single phase and 440V 3 phase power we have 1Kw Solar Power unit to provide uninterrupted electricity. Two Borewells and Pumps provide ample water supply to Home and agro-horticulture. All facilities like refrigerator, washing machine, electrical heating and cooling are available.

A sterile modest OT with an AC, standard Operation Table/ furniture along with all instruments/ accessories for performing operation in sterile condition and orderly manner has been established. Essential modern Diagnostic, Surgery & ICU/ Patient Monitoring Devices, like Ultrasound Scanner, Digital X Ray Machine, Digital ECG/Blood Pressure/Respiration Rate/ Temperature Monitor, Urine and Blood Analyzers, Gas Anathesyser, Ventillator, Collar Mounted 24 hour Condition Monitoring and Warning System for patient are being procured. All essential allopathic and ayurvedic medicines as well as vaccines have been procured. We are arranging for on line reporting with data and images to enlightened veterinariansin India and consortium of vet. experts at USA for getting their advice online.

A Cattle Shed has been erected for future use of sick cattle. .Maize fodder/staple grass and water are being provided to hungry cattle at our premises. We have allowed free grazing of cattle and goats at our premises.

We have three types of transport, car, van & two wheeler for local and long distance procurement and ambulance purpose.

Home Residents:

We have now 45 dogs and puppies in our Home out of which 3 dogs are totally blind, 1 dog has polio, 2 have acute skin infection other 6 have minor troubles. All puppies and dogs are taken care for treatment and recovery. The oldest dog is around 12 year old and the youngest puppy is around 4 week old. Each inmate have name and they respond to that diligently. They are all free to move anywhere in their Home without any chain or collar. All play together without fighting. All take food in their respective place and bowl. All are deeply attached to us and will not go anywhere leaving us. We are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to give a free and healthy life to distressed dogs

Living Conditions:

Five Shelters have been constructed for their stay with adequate protection from storm, rain and scorching heat. The Shelters are additionally cooled and natural air flow is purified with rows of Neem (margossa) and Almond trees surrounding the Shelters. The orientation has made to receive the first ray of sun till 9 AM. The north/south wind freely flows through the Shelters all the time. The Shelters are open for free movement. Provision of elevated beds with gunny bag covering, for warmth and comfort. Water tubs have been kept in all shelters. Adequate light arrangements have been done for night feeding and emergency watch. A water pond has been provided for taking plunge in summer. Periodical shampoo bath is given as their turn. Clean drinking water bowl provided in all Shelters and other places. A few trusted ones are allowed to roam outside the enclosed area for getting further free movement and then come back. Some are taken for an accompanied stroll in our land.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

All shelters and entire premises are cleaned and washed twice a day with weekly disinfectant and insecticide application. DDT spray is applied to prevent mosquito and fly. All waste materials and sweepings are burnt daily. Dozer Tractor is engaged to clear shrubs and foliages all around.

Food and Snacks:

Different kind of food is served Five Times a day. The main meals at noon and evening are adequate quantity(average 3/4 kg/dog) balanced with well cooked soft rice, soybean chunks(for protein), well boiled mutton bones/chicken legs cooked with turmeric/ ginger/coriander seed etc for calcium & immunity. In the morning they get breakfast of Curd Lassi( churned drink) prepared with sugar and salt. Buns are also given with Lassi. Consumption of this breakfast prevents dehydration and indicates the general health condition. In the afternoon Glucose Biscuits are given which is the most favourite to them. Biscuit consumption or denial also indicates health condition. Big dogs and handicapped gets additionally Sweet Buns. Sick and weak dogs get Horlicks, Drool/Pedigree Dog Food and Vitamin Supplement & Glucose. Special diet of bread, chicken/mutton soup with vitamins is given or fed manually to critically ill dogs. Puppies are given Lassi with Glucose & Honey and bone/leg soup with rice paste, as well as vitamin biscuits. Their last meal is served with milk mixed with rice and soup.

Medical Care:

All dogs and puppies are administered with imported 7 in I DAP Vaccine and Anti Rabies Vaccine(Canigen) to protect them from fatal diseases and infection. Puppies are given daily Auyrvedic Immuniser (Himalaya- Immunol) mixed with Livomix tonic & Drool Vitamins) for two months after 7 weeks from birth. All dogs are given one multivitamin/mineral tablet daily along with Liver Tonic mixed with Riboflabbin. Daily checks are done on their stools or any abnormal behaviour or refusal to take breakfast/biscuit/food. Immediate temperature monitoring and primary medicines are given till specific cause of sickness is ascertained. Tick preventive solution and shampoo treatment is given for tick free healthy fur development. Treatment is given through allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathy as per severe ness of sickness. IV Fluids along with antibiotics are given for critical cases. Prolonged treatment is given for stubborn ailments like skin disorder, fur fall, gastroenteritis, respiratory congestion etc critical disease .through allopathic /ayurvedic treatment. A modest fully equipped air conditioned sterile Operation Theatre has been established for surgery. Modern Diagnostic and Condition Monitoring Devices will be engaged for accurate detection of disease and condition monitoring during surgery. Our aim is to provide Human Grade medical care. A ten bed (expandable to twenty bed) Recovery/ Nursing Bay has been made for sickness and post operative care.


With the help of God and His Angels on earth, we could achieve our dream to give freedom, food and treatment to at least a few dogs and puppies as per our capacity. We do not get any Govt. grant or aid our own resources and generosity of a few Angles of God, helps to run the Home. If we could get all round help from Govt and sympathetic people, in rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs instead of raising hue and cry on them and killing them mercilessly, we could have made our cities stray dog free and rural areas free of any untoward canine incidents. We have a concrete plan for this. We have proved that at least in one colony at Secunderabad, where we stayed, have been made stray dog free by adopting them at our premises, without getting any statutory help or encouragement. (see our website for media report)

Our Aspirations:

We wish to start.
1. Rural Stray Dog Sterilisation. (Animal Birth Control Programme)
2. On the Spot Treatment Service to Cattle
3. Hospital treatment for cattle.

To implement this project, trained manpower and a special multipurpose vehicle is required to give On the Spot Treatment cum Ambulance Service for sick cattle and collection/ release of rural stray dogs for sterilisation. We have appealed to all for a dedicated Veterinarian, a Vet. Assistant and a Helper and waiting for God to bless helpless animals by providing for our needs.

Be a GOD to Dogs

We are appealing to all for your generosity. All your contributions will be listed in our website and accounting for both cash & kind will be made available. Any help in the Home management will be very much appreciated. If you can provide any of the following items even in discarded condition, it will be greatly appreciated.

Items needed:

1. Steel Pipes 25 & 35 mm Dia. or Sq. for roof support.
2. Steel Square tubes or pipes 12mm for Roofing Sheet support.
3. Asbestos , GI or Fiber sheets for roofing.
4. Slotted Angles for shelves & partitions.
5. Wire Mesh Fencing.
6. Sal Tree Supports.
7. Electrical wires 7/32.
8. Electrical Conduits.
9. Electrical Lamp, Fan, Power Outlet fittings.
10. Electrical Lamps, Ceiling Fans & Yard Lights.
11. Electric Exhaust Fans.
12. Electric Deep Fridge & Refrigerator
13. Electric Heaters & Immersion Heaters.
14. Electric Stirrers or Mixers.
15. Emergency Lamp.
16. Electric Bell.
17. Packing Box, Wood planks or Ply Boards for partition, shelves & beds.
18. Furniture like chairs, benches, tables. Cupboards etc.
19. Sanitary fittings. Taps, Hoses.
20. Water storage polymer Tank.
21. Water Pump.
22. Solar Water Heater.
23. Gas Stove.
24. Pressure Cookers
25. Aluminum Cauldrons (Degchis) for cooking.
26. Drums for water.
27. Buckets plastic, aluminum & steel
28. Serving and cooking spoons
29. Aluminum & Plastic Mugs & Steel Jugs.
30. Feeding & Water bowls.
31. GI & Plastic Trays.
32. Food Washing Barrels.
33. Gum Boots
34. Rain Coats & Umbrellas.
35. Tarpaulins.
36. Waste Clothes, Sarees, Bed Covers & Rags.
37. Old Blankets, Cushions, Mattresses
38. Collars , Chains, Muzzles.
39. Cages for sick & for separation.
40. Cleaning Mops, Brushes, Brooms, Trays & Rubber Wipes.
41. Door Mats.