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We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
Canines in mythology
Article - Canines in Mythology

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.

March, 2003, a mother dog gave birth to five puppies behind the bush in front of a house, to escape from the cruelty of the people. Why she chose that house she only knew. By seeing her miserable condition she was given food and her gratitude was oozing from her deep black dreamy eyes. She was satisfied that she and her kids are safe. When her kids were about one month old then she refused to take the biscuit given to her and gave that to her kids. She ensured that her kids are to be given biscuits then only she took her share. This melted the heart of the lady of the house who was not fond of dogs. It was a happy family of papa, mamma & kiddies. She was given name Bhaloma (good mother). The much tortured Papa was named Bapu (father). Three kids vanished and one out of the remaining two was hit on the head with stone with bleeding nose and head. Then all of them came inside the house and the bleeding kid was treated and recovered. Bhaloma did not move from her kids. Bapu took charge of kids who were named Nakphatu (bleeding nose) & Chotu (junior) to take them out for stroll. They learnt on their own not to commit any nuisance inside. A truly remarkable family which was a most surprising experience for their saviors. Alas except for Bapu all others fell to the pray of vetís. greed, and to inhuman poisoning by the municipality. In the mean time again another mother arrived in front of the house with three puppies. One morning two of them found dead and third one collapsed at the gate. The frail half dead puppy came in. He was named Chingu. Then came little white Chutki who was lost and came in when the gate was opened. Then Mamma jumped over the wall and went to the room at the terrace and gave birth to 18 babies in three batches. Chutki was killed by an inhuman vet. by giving expired vaccination. The saviors took the gathering of all these Street Dogs as the Order of God and started raising them with parental care & affection. Other dogs like Kalu also came in from streets. An advertisement was put and there was a flood of people to take Indian puppies. Then an idea was kindled if this way all street dogs find a home then there will be no Street Dogs in our city. The blog `I am Chinguí appeared. The local newspapers made a story on Street Dog adoption for the first time. Then so many people with a kind heart for Street Dogs responded and the Mission Saromayo (Sanskrit name for dog) was born on 20th April, 2008.
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We are rescuing puppies & distressed dogs from death and fervently appeal to you to donate for these unfortunate creatures of God. We call them ĎManís Best Friendí and yet they are hated, neglected & even killed by some of us. Your heart's generosity will support their right to live their short life along with us. You will decide in adopting them or giving them one morsel of food along with a shelter for resting, through us.

Please send your kind contribution to our address:
Mission Saromayo
64 Ganesh Nagar
West Marredpally
Secunderabad 500026
Andhra Pradesh

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  • Cash payments: by International Money Order, Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram. Please make money orders in the name of R.K. Roy for ID Proof Submission.
  • Wire Transfer: If you wish to donate via wire transfer please email us for bank details. No donation is too small and every donation will be gratefully acknowledged at this website and by email.