Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

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We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.
A step forward
towards our dream for a
Home for Dogs

June 2011

A major step towards our goal for a Home for Dogs has been achieved by acquiring a 4 Acre land at ACHAMPET, off SriSailam Highway, Mehboobnagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh.(136 Km from Hyderabad & 90 Km from Sri Sailam pilgimage cum hill station.) The land is situated 3.5 Km from Achampet facing the BT road east, going to Choutapally village( 1 Km ). This is a East facing high agricultural land slopping towards the road. Entire surroundings are agricultural cultivation and the nearest inhabitation is 1 Km away. This makes the land ideal for a dog home. Achampet is a flourishing Mandal & Taluqa town with all facilities available there. The preliminary work of borewell, electric connection, land levelling has been done to start the first phase of construction. We expect to complete the first phase before mid June.
December 2011

We are pleased to inform that our Home for Dogs is now fully functioning with 52 dogs and puppies at Achampet (40km from Hyderabad, off Srisailam Highway).

All our inmates are having a happy free life, at our 4 acres campus with a vast space after spending several years of cramped life at our house at Marredpally.

The first phase of our project is over and it cost us Rs. 3.5 lakhs. This was only possible through the generosity of our kind patrons and members who donated liberally for the Home (Donor list available at our website www.missionsaromayo.com)

We have now started the 2nd phase of the construction by adding a hospital block which is being largely sponsored by Miss Vibha Jain in memory of her illustrious father Late Vinay Kumar Bhandari. She is a habitual donor of food, furniture, building equipment to the Home. The refrigerator has been kindly donated by Mr. Kartik and Ms. Mala Swaminathan.

We wish to extend our service to all distressed dogs and unwanted pets by providing a comfortable home for them as well as to provide a decent funeral service & memorial for departed loving pets. We are however handicapped by our inability to provide food and lack of helpers in providing dedicated service to them.

Blue Cross of Hyderabad is referring people to us for giving shelter to distressed dogs and puppies but we are constrained by funds to give them food & service. We are requesting to donate at least Rs 10,000 per year to give DAV vaccination, AR Vaccination, sterilization, healthy food and proper treatment during sickness and hospitalization.

We are also requesting to give us at least one dedicated person to assist the undersigned who is under extreme stress to manage everything singlehandedly at Achampet at his age of 70. He is managing everything right from 3am in the morning to 9pm at night.

We also need a means of transportation for dogs from the city and to collect local supplies. An old diesel jeep or Maruti van with LPG will be extremely helpful.

Winter has set in at Achampet with high velocity winds. We need old rags, bed covers, blankets and mattresses to give protection. Please donate any such items that you will be discarding.

We again express our deep gratitude to all who have given consideration for these “best friends” and pray for their continued support for them.

All are invited to the Home at Achampet to give us your suggestions.