Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.

Mission Saromayo Constitution



(Society for Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme)


Aim & Objective:


A Society has been formed to function in the name & style Mission Saromayo.  This society has been conceived by a group of concerned citizens of twin cities to solve the problem of stray or street dogs.  Since a number of attempts made by different authorities of controlling the street dog population have failed, so a most refreshing concept of `rehabilitation’ has been taken to solve this problem.  Also the dog related service to be provided by the society.


The objective will be to Remove & Rehabilitate Street Dogs from Hyderabad & Secunderabad cities within 5 years, to satisfy both dog haters and dog lovers and to rehabilitate them as a pet in homes,

cluster houses, gated community, apartment buildings, farm houses, police stations, `out of bound places’ of armed forces & defence establishments, warehouses etc and in a scientific rescue home for sick, disabled or non-controllable dogs.  Even attempts will be taken to find homes abroad for them.  


‘Saromeo’ is the Sanskrit name for dogs. In Mahabharata only a Saromayo accompanied Judhisthira up to the gateway to the Heaven, which later found to be Lord DharmaRaj himself in the guise of a faithful dog.   In Bali-Indonesia, the Street Dog Foundation is named as Yayasan Yudisthira Swarga.


The Society will have a distinctive Logo of `Chingu’ as the symbol of a rehabilitated Street Dog under Mission Saromayo banner.


Membership, Management & Administration:


The Society will be governed by a group of SIX GOVERNERS in the Board of Governors, headed by a President.  A Member Secretary will be an ex-officio additional Member of the Board of Governors will be co-coordinating the activities of the Society as well as will be the Correspondent for the Society. Each Governor will have distinctive responsibility under the guidance of the President in: 


  1. Administration & Accounts.
  2. Public Awareness, Liaison. & rehabilitation.
  3. Resource Mobilization.
  4. Medical Attention/Sterilisation/Immunisation.
  5. Technical & Maintenance. .


A committee of 5 members will be assisting the each Governor in their respective areas. The essence of this Mission will be maximum participation and transparency.


Each adult Member of the Society will be the Supervisor of the operations for one day and will record his report in the Confidential Register.


Any one from India & abroad from the age of 5 onwards can become a Member of the Society with a nominal Annual Membership Donation and only adult members will have voting right for the election of the Board of Governors.  Only the active Members with up to date clearance of Annual Donation, will be eligible for voting through secret ballot.  The Roll for Eligible Members for voting will be published ONE MONTH in advance of AGM for voting on AGM day itself. The applicants for the Board of Governors must be seconded by two Eligible Members. The application is to be submitted ONE MONTH before voting for securitization.  The Annual Report with Audited Accounts will be published ONE MONTH before AGM.  Membership Rules have been mentioned separately.




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The Board of Governors will function within the framework of laws & bye-laws mentioned hereunder:


  1. The Governors have to be a Citizen of India.


  1. They will not receive any remuneration, honorium or other benefits except actual expenses.

Incurred for the service of the Mission, subject to the approval by the Board of Governors. .


  1. No political affiliation or influence can be brought in the management of the Society.


  1. The Governors have to be elected by the Members of the Society.


  1. No individual campaigning or influencing will be permitted and will invite cancellation of candidature if the charges in this respect are proved.


  1. Each Board Member will meet fortnightly to review the function of the Society.


  1. If a Board Member is found to be absent from THREE consecutive meeting without prior intimation or valid reason,  then he/she will be asked to explain for his/her absence in writing and if his/her explanation is not found satisfactory , he/she can be removed from the Board .through quorum


  1. Any removal of a Board member have to be endorsed by the adult Members of the Society

through voice/ballot vote by 2/3rd majority.


     10 The Annual General Meeting will be held and all activities of the Society will be presented. 

Vote for Board Membership will also be taken for the next year.


     11. The meeting will be presided by the outgoing President to present the previous years report

             and Statement of Accounts.


12.  Members desiring to raise any question on the Report or Accounts or any other matter in the

     . operation of the Society has to submit the same in writing prior to 7days from the date of

       meeting. The Notice for AGM will be served to all Members 30 days before the AGM.   


    Rules & Regulation for Employees:


1.      All employees have to be dog loving with a sense of dedication to serve them with long hours of



2.      The aim of the Society will be to appoint minimum number of employees and preferably couples.

They will stay in quarters at the Mission site, unless they are not required to stay at the site. They have to perform multiple functions whenever required.


3.      Adequate consolidated remuneration will be provided to them as per Minimum Wages Act.  in a proper scale of pay for each category. The Board will decide on the pay scales & other facilities.  They will be strictly discouraged to accept any tips/bribes from anyone. A severe reprimand will be issued amounting to removal from service also, if found guilty. Medical facility will be given. Any other benefits will be decided from time to time by the Governors. Any dereliction of duty or indiscipline will not be tolerated and will be subject to punishment. 



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4.      They will be governed by the Administrative Dept but will be responsible to the respective

      operating function head of the Society.


       5.  They can not form a union. Their grievances will be heard by Governors and justice will be done

      if found that their grievances are genuine. 


  Methods of Operation:


 The broad guidelines for the operations for the success of this Mission will be as under. This will be

 modified from time to time taking into consideration the on the field situations & constraints.


  1. Wide Publicity is to be given on this mission to attract both dog lover and dog haters to join the Mission and to make it successful for the benefit of the public and the street dogs.


  1. Schools will be contacted to give us the facility to lecture their students in Animal Care and to

           make them free from Cynophobia by taking disciplined street dogs to see for themselves.  They

           will be encouraged to adopt puppies as their playmate and security guard. A kidnapper will think

           twice, if a dog accompanies a child everywhere.. Extensive publicity through press & multimedia is

           to be made to make public aware of the social implication of this Mission and to feel proud to live

           in a stray dog free city.  


  1. Collection of Mothers & their siblings in the first phase, through self attracting cages. No physical

      Area wise Members will explain the method of dog collection in their locality to get all help from

      public. They will also keep the dogs temporarily for collection or further treatment at the Mission. .

      They will be trained to give basic medical treatment also. 24 hours helpline will be maintained

       through phone and website.


  1. Mothers and her puppies will be housed in separate scientifically designed cubicles after disinfection. The mother and puppies will have a collar with numbers for record and identification. Adequate feeding will be given to mother for feeding their puppies with plenty of milk, which will immunize puppies from all viruses.


  1. After 3 weeks the puppies will be fed with milk-rice porridge and first shot of 7 in 1 Vaccination will be given.  After one or two weeks the 2nd shot of vaccination will be given along with Anti Rabies injection. Records of each puppy will be computerized with full vaccination record.


  1. After 6 weeks the mothers will be separated in separate enclosures after giving anti Rabies

      vaccination and all puppies will be kept together in separate enclosures. 


7. All mothers will be sterilized and cured of any diseases. Services of retired veterenarians & other

    veterenariance from Agriculture University as well as from abroad will be requisioned on honorium



8. Efforts will be started through advertisements, blogs and individual campaigning for adaptation of 

    puppies in homes and dogs in farm houses, gated communities, Warehouses etc


  1. Sick mothers, puppies & male dogs will continue to receive treatment till cured of diseases.


    10., After first phase is over the 2nd phase of male dogs collection will be started area wise.


    11. After anti-rabies injection male dogs will be offered for security purposes.




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12. Area wise In charge Members will monitor the street dog population and the collection process will

     continue till all street dogs in the twin cities are removed.


 13. GHMC will be requested to deliver waste food from hotels as well as waste Chicken Legs from

        slaughter houses/markets to the Society.  The waste food will be washed and re-processed as per

        rules issued from time to time.


Resource Mobilization.


  1. Membership or other Donations from Dog lovers and haters & socially concerned corporate groups, Efforts to be made to make the donation getting benefit of Sec 80 of the IT Act. .  
  2. Donation of a rocky & barren land adjacent to Miyapur Housing Complex from Govt.
  3. Grant from Animal Welfare Board, Governments, GHMC, SCB & other Animal Welfare Organizations to build a mobile Dispensary & a Hospital, a Kitchen, Shelters, Staff Quarters, Office and Fencings. Except for Hospital all other structures will be of mud walled, tiled or asbestos roofed structure.  GHMC can close their existing Dog Pound at old city and utilise that land profitably.  Govt. also can close almost non-functional dispensaries and advice the public to utilise the service of mobile dispensary visiting their locality periodically. .
  4. Grant for dog collection & ABC Programme to be collected from GHMC at the same rate, which

      they are giving to contractors for ABC programme implementation. . 

  1. Donation of discarded ambulances and vehicles for dog collection, food collection/distribution, mobile dispensary/minor operation theatre.
  2. Donation of discarded and obsolete medical furniture from animal / human  hospitals.
  3. Donation of medicines from pharmaceutical organizations.
  4. Donation from street dog adaptation, by individuals, farm houses, corporate offices., factories.
  5. Donation from supply of dog food to individual, farm house, corporate offices, factories
  6. Donation from treatment of pedigreed dogs.
  7. Donation from supply of medicines to pedigreed dogs.
  8. Donation from the lodging & boarding of pedigreed dogs.
  9. Donation of waste food/surplus stocks from star hotels.
  10. Donation from dog owners for burial of dogs.
  11. Donation of space by newspaper & TV Channels for publicity, dog care education. 
  12. Donation from foreign Animal Welfare Organisations & individuals. 
  13. Co-operation of other established Animal Welfare Societies for the success of this


 Finance & Accounting:


1.      The complete accounting will be maintained as per guidelines of Instt. Of Chartered Accounts of

            India.  The auditing of the accounts to be done through an independent Auditor and his

           statements along with audited accounts will be presented during the AGM.  

2.      Preferably accounts to be maintained through a computer to reduce the Accounts Staff to one.

            Accounts of all Donation & grants from India & abroad is to be maintained as per statutory rules.

All donation wil be acknowledged

3.      Major heads of accounts will be available at the Mission Website to maintain transparency. The

website will be updated every month.

4.      The Governor in-charge of Administration & Accounts will sign the Accounts and Annual Statement along with the President of Board of Governors & the Member Secretary.

5.      The record of Accounts will be kept for 5 years and after that it will be destroyed.

6.      Purchases below Rs.1000 at a time will be authorized by the In-charge Governor and will be approved at the Board meeting. Purchases above Rs. 1000 and Recurring Purchases will be

authorized by the Board of Governors.