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This  Pet Care is written based on the author’s experience in keeping Indian Dogs in their house for years and the sacrifices made by the dogs & puppies due to author’s & Vet. Doctor’s ignorance on dog diseases as well as by the greed of Vet Doctors.


Pet dog is indeed a thing of joy and affection for a dog loving family.  With the abundance of affection, obedience and loyalty given by dogs to the family, a strong bond of mutual fondness grows. With their natural intelligence the dogs’ gets feel of the language the family speaks, their emotions and specially any talks on him or her.  The dog loving family also starts to know the language of their pet, their difficulties, pains and general discomfort. They

can not speak but tries to communicate their feelings through number of gestures, which with a little care a person will also know what his/her dog is communicating. They also get mental shock with rude behaviour or non-attention paid to them. A little pat on head or a little body thumping gives them good feeling and encouragement to obey. They will acknowledge every good word/gesture from you with wagging tail. Any wrong doing must be punished with stern voice, and mild beating at back, by hand. They will instantly understand the wrong doing.


The Basic Tasks for adoption of a Pet Puppy.


Every puppy MUST BE VACCINATED with 7 in One vaccination within 7 weeks after birth or as soon as they are not fed with mother’s milk only. If for any reason the vaccination could not be given then give 5 ml of Himalaya Immunol syrup daily once or twice till the vaccination is given. It will be always better that the owner gets the vaccination from a reputed vet shop with a cash memo. The EXPIARY DATE of the vaccination must be checked. The Vaccination SHOULD BE taken with a slab of ice placed with vials for the period in transit. The vial is to be kept in the CRISPER compartment of the refrigerator and the ice slab in the freezer compartment, for utilizing it for further transit. If a puppy has not been given vaccination after 7 weeks then it will be better to feed him/her with ‘Immunol’ , as if he/has already acquired virus then the vaccination with suppressed virus may aggravate the disease

like Canine Distemper or Parvo. Consultation with a good vet will be necessary to check if he/she has any virus trace, through blood, urine & stool test, for vaccinating older puppies or dogs.  Late after a week Anti Rabies immunization is to be done.

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Indian Pet Dog Care.


The basic thing a non-vaccinated Indian Dog owning family is to know that they are a natural creation and should be treated naturally. Right from birth they are taken care by their mother. The mother’s milk immunizes the puppies from all diseases. Later nature only guides them to protect them from diseases through naturally grown herbs. Indian Dogs can not be equated with human beings or a pedigreed dog with all vaccination & immunizisation done, for their treatment. First to diagnose their disease correctly is a most difficult task. Rather

a pet owner can only generalize the symptoms unless he/she knows the symptoms of each disease thoroughly. by him/herself. Also they can not take allopathic or biochemic treatment, specially the strong antibiotics through injections with severe pains. In most cases they start showing side effects of the medicine. The injections can make the pet paralytic and even can bring death. Only the oral medicines which slowly gets mixed with the blood should be



given. Unless the case is of emergency or in advanced stages, vigorous allopathic treatment should not be given. Our own Ayurvedic Treatments cures most of the diseases if detected in the early stage. All Ayurvedic Drugs are of broad spectrum & with no side effects. 


It has been proven always that the prevention is always better than cure of any disease of a pet. First their living space MUST be washed preferably with inexpensive bleaching powder mix. Daily. Never allow their fleeces or urines to remain there for long. They should not take fleeces or urines of each other. Best option is to spread a Rexene or thick plastic covering on their living space and then remove that every morning to get washed outside thoroughly and again dried. If you keep a small sand/soil heaped in a corner then they will ease themselves there and the removal will be easy. With daily morning & evening walk they generally do not

spoil inside.  No garbage or soiled food taking should be allowed. That causes most of the diseases.


Low cost herbal or homeopathic preparations & medicines given in right dose, keeps most of the diseases away and makes the pet healthy. Even simple food prepared with herbs does wonders for them. If the low cost herbal or homeopathic care is taken for a pet, then it will be far more cost saving than allopathic treatment of the disease and will relieve both the owner and the pet from the agony of going to the veterinary doctor and suffer the pains of the disease. There is no drugs in allopathic for two deadly diseases like Canine Distemper or Parvo, but there is a drug available at USA for these diseases made with combination of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic with 90% success.     


Daily Routine for an Indian Dog.


Free the dog to give him/her the opportunity of lot of exercise and natural movement, but keep watch that he/she should not take any unwanted thing... They can be taught by verbal command along with hand gesture to obey you without chains even on roads.  Chasing of cats, rats etc is good exercise. Even chasing other dogs gives them good blood circulation. Always free them during night to roam around your compound and howl at any intruder.  If you train them with your words and physical gesture, then they can be safely kept without chain during daytime too, without howling at visitors.  


 Low Cost Healthy Food for an Indian Dog.


A typical low cost daily diet , as given below, should be given to keep them healthy and energetic.


Early morning after a walk or exercise give two inexpensive local made Marie or Glucose biscuits. After a gap of 15 mts. give 1 teaspoonful of pure honey (if possible), it gives the nourishment, mild antibacterial treatment and acts as a smooth laxative for regular bowels clearance. Just one teaspoon full of honey in the morning with or without milk is better than any costly tonic.


Cook waste chicken legs with the waste vegetables after chopping or Carrots or any vegetables with plenty of Turmeric (Haldi) Powder (3 teaspoon in a med. size pan), small quantity of Garlic & Ginger smash or paste. The cooking must be done with min.10 mts. of boiling.  Those who are vegetarians can give Soya Chunks instead of chicken legs. Everything must be washed thoroughly to avoid bacteria or filth or insecticide.


If possible add half cupful of corn flour or wheat paste to make the broth thicker and more nutritious.  One percent salt is to be added to the Chicken/Soya broth.


Cook broken rice (Kanki) (Qtr mug) in a pressure cooker with plenty of water to make it almost a rice paste.


Depending on choice of pet owner a breakfast can be given at around 9AM either with milk

mixed with rice starch or soup of the chicken cooked with vegetables.


If possible 5 ml of Pet Liv 52(Himalaya brand) to be given at around 12 noon to increase appetite and better functioning of liver.


Around 1 PM the lunch should be given with rice paste mixed with Chicken or Soybean

Curry. Squeeze all rice lumps and vegetables thoroughly with hand to make a homogenized 

slippery with plenty of soup lunch mix for easy licking and digestion. Give only one boiled chicken boiled leg disintegrated or four chunks of Soya, in a good size bowl which will be enough for a dog.  The food should be served hot to avoid bacteria formation. Always wash the bowl after meals to avoid left over food traces to get dried and bacteria formation.


After lunch the dog must be set free to roam and urinate. In the afternoon/evening after a walk and exercise one or two Marie or Glucose biscuit is to be given. If desired little milk mixed with a piece of bread & one or two tablespoonful of Glucose Powder can be given.  Never give anything with coco or chocolate.


Re-heat the rice and re-boil the curry to serve the dinner at around 9PM. Always keep one mugful of clean water near the pet for drinking. Their diet has to be controlled to give them inexpensive nourishing food in a controlled quantity. They do not know the limit and any overfeed will cause indigestion and vomiting.


The cost of the above mentioned meals will be around Rs. 100 per month provided you get the material from right places at a time for a month at discounted price. The source and prices of material are mentioned below.


Malt.                                    Available at                                                 Price.

Kanki (broken rice) -         Any Kirana (grocery) Shop                    Rs. 9/kg.

Chicken Legs.                  Any Chicken Shop.                               Rs. 5 for a med. bagful          

Milk                                                                                                Rs.5 for1/4 litre

Vegetables low grade      Monda Market                                       Rs. 4 to 8 per Kg.             

Glucose Powder(local)    Wholesale Medicine Shop Kothi           Rs. 50 for 500 Gms.

Biscuits (DilPasand)        Wholesale Biscuit/Bakery Shops          Rs. 18 per 500 gms.

Honey Dabur                   Wholesale shop at Kothi                       Rs. 190 per 1 Kg jar.

Soya Chunks Loose                                                                      Rs. 8 per 500 gms.

Liv 52 for pet.                  Wholesale Vet Shop HanumanTekdi    Rs. 45/ bottle.

Immunol Himalaya                                 do                                   Rs. 45/ bottle

7 in One Vaccine                                    do                                   Rs. 135.00 per dose.  


Common Diseases, Prevention & Treatment


We will now discuss on prevention of diseases to Indian Dogs.


Seven in One Vaccination is the must for preventing fatal diseases like Parvo or Canine Distemper.  If for any reason the vaccination has not been given in time then give Immunol



Daily till one year of age. However this is not a fool proof solution as vaccination. So all care to prevent infection must be taken till one year of age. Lot of Turmeric Powder in meals must be given to give them additional protection.


They must be prevented to consume unwanted food or garbage from anywhere. Whenever they tend to go near a garbage or rotten substance, give then stern command with stop gesture of your hand repeatedly. If required give beating to make him/her understand that it is wrong act calling for punishment.  If he/she obeys reward him/her with an inexpensive biscuit.  No Chocolate, Onion, Khowa Sweet or raw egg or food are to be given.


Their most common diseases are:  Stomach Upset, Running Nose, Fever, and Irritations in paws, Scabies, Skin Rashes, Vomiting, Loss of Appetite, Stoppage of Food, Loose Motion /Dysentery, Sprains   etc.   


On Stomach upset, loud sound from stomach will be heard periodically. Leave him/her to take grass of his/her choice and to vomit the indigestion. After that give two table spoon of glucose powder twice. If the trouble has lead to loose motion then give him/her powdered

Dependal Tablet mixed with glucose. One tablet twice a day will generally cure. For Dysentery the dose is to be continued for two days with ½ hourly feeding of ORS (Oral Rehydration Syrup) made from powder called Electoral     


For Bad Cold, sneezes & vocal chord congestions give 1 teaspoonful of honey twice a day. Apply warm Mustard Oil or Vicks Vaporub on nose and forehead. For advanced cases give Crocin without Paracitamol & Terp Vasaka Syrup for cough or throat congestion. Give a warm bed for sleeping or sitting in a closed place. 


Depression & loss of appetite is the first symptom of fever. The tongue will be blood red and if you are accustomed with normal body temp. of the dog you will notice the difference at his/her chest. Give Glucose Water or only Glucose Powder two tablespoonfuls. along with

Crocin with paracitamol. Homeopathic Medicine Belladonna also is very effective in fever

& body pain. Give plenty of water to drink. If he/she takes then give glucose biscuits only for food. If after taking four Crocin Tablets the fever does not get cured and the dog does not take food, then give antibiotic either Versatile Tablet or Gentamycitin injections by getting him/her to an experienced Vet. Never Neglect a fever even it comes and goes periodically,

it can be an early symptom of a fatal disease like Canine Distemper and immediate treatment with 5%SND transfusion & antibiotic is to be started. For general loss of appetite feed Liv 52 and CanniCare Food Supplement. Add Ginger Paste in food & boil the same to increase food intake. 


In case of irritation in Paws/Scabies, apply Neem Oil mixed with 5% Sulphar Powder twice day. If there is cut in the paw and it has swallow then wash the effected place with Savlon

& then apply either Cipladin Ointment or Diclofenac Ointment. If the wound is painful and

septic then give Negasunt Powder and Verstallin Capsules 1/day for four days. Give Suganril

tablet 1 at night for having a good sleep. Skin Rashes can be treated with turmeric paste mixed with coconut oil and sprinkled with Boroline Prickly Heat Powder. For severe rashes

apply Cipladin ointment. 


Vomiting can be due to over eating or indigestion, otherwise vomiting of any food taken or saliva etc is to be taken seriously specially for puppies. If the vomiting is combined with loose

foul smell motion then take him/her to an experienced vet to start the treatment for Parvo. 5%

SND with blood clotting antibiotic to be given twice a day, till the puppy starts eating on his/own. Recovery is very slow and makes the victim very weak. Parvo is a fatal disease unless it is detected at an early stage. It generally comes through the fleece of germ emitting dogs or puppies. Use beaching powder only for cleaning at least twice daily. Segregate the effected puppy from others in a closed room.


For leg sprains or any non cut swollen injury apply turmeric powder mixed with lime and boiled to a paste. Apply in warm condition and cover & tie with a plastic sheet and cloth to allow the paste to get dried. Give Suganril Tablet especially at night to get relief from pain.


Worms are the worst enemy of dogs and regular de-worming is required to keep the dog in good health. Wormstop Tablet can be bi monthly but homeopathic medicine Siena is also very effective & much cheaper.


Tips on Medical Care.


A medical kit with essential medicines must be kept handy for a dog owner to start the treatment without waiting for a vet.  An antibiotic capsule will not do any harm but can save

the dog from the initial virus attack. Similarly a wound should be washed with Savlon immediately and Cipladin to be applied to prevent septic. A tablet of Dependal will stop the loose motion quickly if given on first motion detected. The essence of cure of disease is timely administration of medicines or treatment. Also keep a Muzzle and thick leather

or canvas hand gloves, as in pain a most docile dog will tend to free himself/herself by biting.

A Dispovan Syringe with medium Needle must be kept for administering Serinil injection to relive the pain and to make him/her temporarily immobilize for shifting to a hospital. Giving non-intravenous injects is easy and any vet will show how to give a non-intravenous injection. But there must be one more persons to hold the dog while injecting as the violent movement of the dog can break the needle. There SHOULD NOT is any air bubble inside the syringe. Every dog owner must get preventive vaccination of Rabipore to save them fro accidental rabies.  A booster dose of Rabipore remains effective for five years. Never pump the liquid medicine through a syringe it can choke the respiratory cord to death. The best and safe way to feed any medicine is to mix with pure honey. Honey is an inert substance which does not react with anything. The tablets can powdered or the capsules can be opened to spread on honey smeared biscuit, to make a sandwich for them to eat without hesitation. Even Neem

Powder can be fed through this method. Another method is to mix the medicine powder with

Glucose to either put in the mouth or allows him/her to lick.  Keep a simple squeezable plastic bottle filled with Savlon Water & Raw Savlon to wash the wound as he/she will not allow touching the wound and then apply raw Savlon. Later spray with Negasunt Powder. To prevent licking of medicines or wounds,  put a rectangle of 4 in sponge with a hole at the centre over his/her head on the neck. This will prevent the moving the head towards the wound.

If the paws of the dog is immersed in a Potassium Permanganate solution after coming back from a street walk then it will be not only be good for him/her but also for entire house to prevent virus to enter.  The deficiency in body glucose can be judged by pulling the skin upwards and releasing it. Quicker the skin settles to original shape better is the result of the

test. Only liquid and biscuit etc with lot of Glucose diet to be given during convalescence.

Plenty of water is to be given to prevent de-hydration during treatment. The effectiveness of treatment can be judged as soon as the dog starts taking liquid or food on his/her own.

Extra care, patting, brushing, talking with soothing words  etc is to be done during treatment to make her/him to feel good and to gain her/his confidence in recovery.  Treat him/her as

Your family member, he/she will acknowledge that with his/her grateful talking eyes. You

Is the only GOD to him/her? Never miss an opportunity to be a God to at least one creature of God.  


Please send your queries and feedbacks to Mission Saromayo.



Pet Care Tips from Priyanka S.  





Its cures indigestion problems in dogs.


PERINORM (KID PRODUCT) – 2 ml to 5 ml

Whenever, your dog vomits, this medicine give immediate relief (AVAILABLE IN ALL MEDICAL SHOPS).


POWER GYL (KID PRODUCT) -- 2 ml to 5 ml

Whenever, your dog is suffering from motions, this tonic is suggested (AVAILABLE IN ALL MEDICAL SHOPS).



Whenever, your dog is suffering from EXCEMA (Itching and when small black dust particles exists) apply this lotion on whole body twice a day for 1 week and after 1 week give bath to your dog.



If your dog is suffering with liver problem, this medicine cures. Give this tonic twice a day 1 hour before meals.



If your dog is suffering with lice, add 3 ml of this solution in 1 liter of water and apply that solution on your dogs body and leave the body to dry for 10 minutes (don’t let your dog to lick when this solution is on the body), after that give bath with medicated dogs bath soap. Follow this procedure thrice in a week.




Whenever you give bath to your dog, don’t let water go inside the ears and nose.

Add ¼ tsp of turmeric in the food for your dog, it kills worms