Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

64, Ganesh Nagar, West Marredpally, Secunderabad 500026.
E.mail: missionsaromayo@gmail.com Phone 40-27802491
We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
Canines in mythology
Article - Canines in Mythology

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.
Donate your Heart

We are rescuing puppies & distressed dogs from death. We have personally donated land and with your kind donations we have built this shelter. We fervently appeal to you to donate for these unfortunate creatures of God. We call them ĎManís Best Friendí and yet they are hated, neglected & even killed by some of us. Your heart's generosity will support their right to live their short life along with us. You will decide in adopting them or giving them one morsel of food along with a shelter for resting, through us.

No donation is too small and every donation will be gratefully acknowledged at this website and by email.

Please send your kind contribution to our address:
Mission Saromayo
64 Ganesh Nagar
West Marredpally
Secunderabad 500026
Andhra Pradesh

Donations are welcomed by
  • Cheques / Cash / Wire Transfer / Money Transfer
    Please make cheques payable to Mission Saromayo and mail to:
    Mission Saromayo
    64 Ganesh Nagar
    West Marredpally
    Secunderabad 500026
    Andhra Pradesh

  • International payments: by International Money Order, Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram. Please make money orders in the name of R.K. Roy for ID Proof Submission.
    Address is:
    64 Ganesh Nagar
    West Marredpally
    Secunderabad 500026
    Andhra Pradesh

  • Wire Transfer: If you wish to donate via wire transfer following are bank details. CANARA BANK, Marredpally Br. Secunderabad 500026
    SB A/C no: 0624101031447

    If you can provide any of the following items even in discarded condition, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Items needed:

    1. Steel Pipes 25 & 35 mm Dia. or Sq. for roof support.
    2. Steel Square tubes or pipes 12mm for Roofing Sheet support.
    3. Asbestos , GI or Fiber sheets for roofing.
    4. Slotted Angles for shelves & partitions.
    5. Wire Mesh Fencing.
    6. Sal Tree Supports.
    7. Electrical wires 7/32.
    8. Electrical Conduits.
    9. Electrical Lamp, Fan, Power Outlet fittings.
    10. Electrical Lamps, Ceiling Fans & Yard Lights.
    11. Electric Exhaust Fans.
    12. Electric Deep Fridge & Refrigerator
    13. Electric Heaters & Immersion Heaters.
    14. Electric Stirrers or Mixers.
    15. Emergency Lamp.
    16. Electric Bell.
    17. Packing Box, Wood planks or Ply Boards for partition, shelves & beds.
    18. Furniture like chairs, benches, tables. Cupboards etc.
    19. Sanitary fittings. Taps, Hoses.
    20. Water storage polymer Tank.
    21. Water Pump.
    22. Solar Water Heater.
    23. Gas Stove.
    24. Pressure Cookers
    25. Aluminum Cauldrons (Degchis) for cooking.
    26. Drums for water.
    27. Buckets plastic, aluminum & steel
    28. Serving and cooking spoons
    29. Aluminum & Plastic Mugs & Steel Jugs.
    30. Feeding & Water bowls.
    31. GI & Plastic Trays.
    32. Food Washing Barrels.
    33. Gum Boots
    34. Rain Coats & Umbrellas.
    35. Tarpaulins.
    36. Waste Clothes, Sarees, Bed Covers & Rags.
    37. Old Blankets, Cushions, Mattresses
    38. Collars , Chains, Muzzles.
    39. Cages for sick & for separation.
    40. Cleaning Mops, Brushes, Brooms, Trays & Rubber Wipes.
    41. Door Mats.