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Parvo disease in a dog is one of the two deadly diseases that are termed incurable as there is no veterinary medicine to treat parvo virus. So only initial vaccination with continued annual vaccination can prevent this deadly disease. It is also believed that parvo prevails only on puppies. Also it is said that if a puppy or dog survives the disease, then parvo will not occur again.

Our recent experience at Mission Saromayo Home for Dogs has proven all the information on Parvo wrong and we wish to share our experience to save puppies and dogs from the deadly Parvo disease.

We had been meticulously vaccinating all our puppies and dogs every year with imported Cannigen DAPP and Cannirab ARV and all were saved for deadly diseases. Since we had the bitter experience of losing three puppies & an adult dog through Canine Distemper disease even after vaccinating them with an Indian DAPP, we switched over to imported vaccines.

After shifting from Secunderabad to Achampet(150 Km away)we brought Cannigen vaccines in an ice box during transit time of 4 hours and kept in our refrigerator for 48 hrs in a most erratic rural power supply condition and vaccinated the puppies and dogs as per their usual annual routine.

Within 10 days after vaccination one mature dog (4 years) who had Parvo previously, started showing symptoms of diarrhea and stopped taking food. We were giving her treatment for diarrhea and feeding light food. But she was not improving and after 4 days she started vomiting and discharged deep chocolate colour stool which are the sure signs of a Parvo attack which we never expected. We gave her DNS and Taxim antibiotic, but it did not help and she passed away within next 8 hours. Two days after another 4 year old dog stopped taking food and after one day vomitted and discharged stool with internal hemorrhage, indicating Parvo attack. We were desperate to save her so we started consulting doctors to find out medicines available for similar intestinal viral attack and hemorrhage as well as explored the internet to know what medicines for humans can also help dogs in such situations.

We started experimenting with a combination of FIVE medicines. IV Fluid RL/DNS, IV Fluid Metronidazole, Steptochrome Injection, Amikacin 500 Injection & Ciporax. We discontinued Ciporax as it was creating breathing trouble. IV fluids were administered at the local Animal Husbandry Dept. With the Grace of God our experiment succeeded and the blood discharge stopped within 48 hours. This combination was continued for 5 days and the condition of the dog improved and at present she is totally cured and is back to normal food and activity.

While this dog was getting treatment another mature dog got attacked by Parvo and we gave similar treatment minus Ciporax and got positive results. We found drugs Metronidazole & Injected Amikacin are most effective as whenever we see some abnormality in stool and loss of appetite we give Metronidazole tablet 200mg along with Liver Tonic(Livomix or Liv 52) and Taxim 200 tablet(Amikacin tablets are not available), to get fast positive result. So no more Parvo attack has been found till now.

We may also mention that proper diet and 24 hour care are essentially required to support the recovery process. We used to force feed Curd mixed with Glucose, Sugar and a little salt to make Syrup (lassi) to feed the dogs 4 times a day. At night a cup of Horlicks (which contains Malt Barley) was also being given. Further Oral Re-hydration Solution of WHO formula was being given every hour in the day and every 3 hours in the night to compensate fluid loss through discharge.

We gradually started feeding them meat/liver soup, crushed dog food(Pedigree) & biscuits along with Curd which induced them to eat on their own again. It took two months to bring them back to eating by themselves. To repair the internal damages we are still feeding Curd Lassi in the morning & a cup of Horlicks in the evening along with Ayurvedic pure herbs Yasthimadhu & Bail. God has helped us to get them back from near death.

When we analyzed how this sudden Parvo outbreak had happened, we inferred that the vaccine got deteriorated by ‘cold chain’ disruption by which the hibernated vaccine virus got active and attacked the system. So even imported vaccine can give reverse reaction if cold chain is not maintained. Therefore, please take following precautions positively before vaccinating your puppy or dog.

Preferably use imported vaccine. It will cost more but it is worth the money & your love for pet than taking India made vaccine of unsure quality. Instead of getting vaccine from veterinarians or medical shops it is better to get vaccine from the distributor to ensure genuineness and correct condition. Get a glass lined thermo flask filled with ice to get the vaccine from the distributor. Administer it immediately from ice pack by going to a Vet. Hospital. Any Vet. Assistant or a Compounder can administer vaccine. It will be the safest and cheapest method of vaccinating your pet.

If immediate vaccination is not possible then transfer the vaccine immediately on the ‘crisper tray’ below the freezing chamber of your refrigerator and keep the ice tray filled with ice. If the refrigerator remains OFF for more than ½ hour, then place the vaccines on the ice tray. Try to administer the vaccine if the fridge remains OFF for prolonged period and the ice gets melted.

Mission Saromayo will be pleased to assist for any problem faced in the treatment and will also help in getting genuine vaccines at concessional price.

As Prevention is MUCH BETER than Cure, therefore please get your pet vaccinated every year with genuine vaccine under proper condition.