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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.

Aim, Appeal & Operational Planning for Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme with Layout & Equipment Details.

Action Plan:

The objective of this Home for Dogs is to give relief to as many as stray and abandoned Dogs and puppies as possible to make our towns and cities free of stray dogs. All distressed dogs will get a home, food and treatment. Every thing connected to this project are sponsored by the donors and no govt. or other external help whatsoever have been contributed. The Home is run on the Order of God.

The Home has been designed to accommodate 500 dogs at full capacity by accommodating 10 dogs per shelter of 100 Sq.ft. covered space and 400Sq.ft open space surrounded with wire net. They will have elevated resting place with rags for their comfort. Orientation of shelters will allow adequate morning sunray exposure and continuous south east breeze. The slopping floor will not allow accumulation of fleece and urine and periodical washing with disinfectant will ensure total hygiene. Asbestos sheet roof is heat insulated with thermocole ceiling. Quilt & blanket curtains will insulate from cold and severe wind. Food service will be given through the service corridor on the oblong trays & SS Pots beneath the wire netting. Service Block consisting of Kitchen, Store and Cook Qtrs are integrated with the row shelters. (refer layout diagram).

On arrival of dogs and puppies, they will be segregated in to sick and healthy categories and will be sent to respective shelters for administration of vaccines to all. Sick ones will be sent to the Medical Block for treatment. Diseased ones will be isolated in Isolation Wards. Male and female dogs will be segregated into 1: 3 ratio to make them a compatible group. of 5 dogs. All male dogs will be sterilized. The group formation will take 4 to 6 weeks and after that they will be introduced in villages.

All healthy and recovered dogs will be rehabilitated in villages and only the very weak, disabled, blind, diseased and sponsored dogs will remain at Home. All dogs remaining in Home will get DAP Vaccination.

The puppies will get both DAP and ARV vaccine with booster dose after 4 weeks. They will be segregated as per age and condition in three tier special shelter for puppies. After 4 weeks the puppies will be sent to Puppy Mela for adoption at the MS HQ. at Marredpally. Periodical advertisements will be made for urging people to attend Puppy Mela for adoption. Puppies remaining un-adopted after 8 weeks will be sterilised and will be formed in a group for rehabilitation in villages.

Other adult dogs to be prepared for rehabilitation, will get ARV.

All abandoned pedigreed dogs will separately sheltered and will be vaccinated with DAP and AVR . They will get different food initially and then gradually transferred to standard Home food. They will also be offered for adoption. They will not be rehabilitated in villages and will remain in Home, if no one adopts them.

The salient points to be covered under a policy that will STRICTLY follow the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. are as under:
1. Dog Collection:
2. Dog/ Puppy delivery to Centralised Dog Shelter & segregation.
3. Dog Immunization from Rabies, Sterilization and Post Operation Care.
3. Dog & Puppy Re-instating & Rehabilitation
4. Public Awareness on Puppy/Dog Tolerance/Adoption.
5. Placement of dogs for security duty in police, factories, apartment houses, public places, govt & security establishments etc.
6. Dog/Animal Welfare Programme.
7. Pilot Project for Puppy & Distressed Dog Rehabilitation.
8. Study Tour to Visakhapatnam Municipal Corpn & V S.P.C.A Joint project.

1. Dog Collection:
  • 1. There will be no charges for giving shelter to distressed dogs and puppies but public will be requested to sponsor their maintenance and a token contribution for a shelter construction. Initially only SPONSORED dogs will be accommodated. Any person can sponsor either an un-sponsored dog already in the Home or a dog/puppy to be sent by him\her.
  • 2. The donation for sponsorship is Rs. 5000 per year per dog, which will cover vaccination, sterilisation, food and treatment cost. A token contribution of Rs. 1000 will also be requested to cover the cost of adding a shelter at the cost of Rs. 15000 per shelter for accommodating 10 dogs. For sponsoring the un sponsored Home dog,
  • 3. Pet dog owners will be invited, through advertisements to prevent them from abandoning their pets for any reason including serious disease. We will give them Home provided their owners contribute Rs. 8.,000 only per year per dog for their vaccination, sterilization , special food and treatment. Since it will take at least 3\4 months to get them adopted to Home food from the high cost food they are accustomed, therefore we will need extra contribution. Also the contribution for the shelter of Rs. 1000 will be needed.
  • 4. We will also take ‘guest dogs’ in our Guest Dog Enclosures for those going on long leave. No charges for lodging will be taken but either the owner has to provide the usual food the dog takes for the entire leave period or have to contribute for the same. They must be vaccinated with both DAP and ARV. A refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000 will be taken to cover extra food and medicine cost, if provided. The contribution for shelter Rs. 1000 will be requested. Balance amount after cost deduction will be refunded.

    Public will be advised to take their puppy or dog to Achampet to see the arrangements themselves, otherwise we will collect Rs. 200 per dog per trip to send or bring him\her to/from Achampet.
  • 5. Burial Service will be offered to those pets, whose owners wish to perpetuate the memory of their loved pet through a decent cremation and erecting a memorial for the departed soul. The owners will only be expected to pay Rs. 500 towards the transport cost of the dead dog to Achampet, where they will be cremated and a standard memorial will be erected at actual cost on Home ground. Owners will be requested to sponsor one puppy or dog of their choice and contribute towards the shelter. We will be most obliged if they adopt a puppy too.

    All amounts will be collected in advance and in cash only, under a receipt.
  • 6. Public must report the `street dog menace’ in writing or mail to GHMC Dog Cell with `specific reason’ for complaint. No phone complaint will be entertained. Nor the GHMC will act on press publication unless it is supported by facts.
  • 7. The written complaint MUST have the endorsement of at least FOUR responsible Persons of the locality, preferably the President & Secretary of the local association. If the reason is a dog bite then the endorsement of a doctor will be required who treated the dog bite.
  • 8. A team of at least two persons from GHMC & NGO are to visit the site and assess the situation. If they found that there is a genuine dog bite case or attacks by the street dogs WITHOUT PROVOCATIONS, then GHMC will collect the dogs.
  • 9. If the team finds that complainants just want to remove the dogs with a meek charge of menace, then GHMC will remove the dogs on payment of Rs. 1000.00 (One Thousand Only) to compensate the cost of collection and rehabilitation. Like any other Municipal Services, this DOG COLLECTION SERVICE HAS TO BE PAID BY THE COMMUNITY WHICH WANTS THE STERILISED STREET DOGS TO BE REMOVED.
  • 10. However GHMC will collect the Street Dogs as per monthly programme from different localities and will send them back to that locality after sterilization and immunization. All these dogs will have a distinct Mark on their body.
  • 11. The dogs will be collected ONLY through Cages or Net and NOT by rope & stick. The dog collection truck MUST announce through public address system before Collection operation begins.
  • 12. NO FEEDING MOTHER & HER PUPPIES ARE TO BE COLLECTED. Only the puppies of above 6 weeks of age are to be collected and placed separately in the collection truck.
  • 13. FEMALE DOGS are not to be collected unless found sick or ferocious. (reason given later)
  • 14. The words of the Father of the Nation are to be followed devotedly while collecting dogs.
  • 15. All collected dogs are to be marked with a paint dab to identify the locality from where they had been collected.
  • 16. Record of all dog collections with details of each squad for each day is to be maintained.


    All collected dogs & puppies will be brought to a CENTRALISED DOG SHELTER for keeping them for inspection and quarantine, as per the procedure mentioned below:

    (Immediate Task: Utilising vast open areas like Old Slaughter House at Bhoiguda, with tin shades, the present congestion at Chudi Bazar Dog Pound is to be removed expeditiously. )

    Maintenance of Dogs and Puppies.

    The dogs brought in for rehabilitation will go for initial acclimatizing of 10/15 days in separate enclosures. Then they will be allowed to intermix with other enclosure dogs. After that they will go to the common playground to form groups. Group formation in tens with the ratio of 1:3 will be implemented. Finally they will be inducted with ID tags in various villages with records of their placements for behavioral studies at new environments.

    All sponsored dogs are trained for giving them full freedom of movement as per their will. Selected dogs will be trained for Sniffer Duty in collaboration with Retd. Brig. , who is world famous in training Indian dogs for sniffer duty for various state police including J&K State. Food as per prescribed norms will be provided in trays and bowls, two times a day. Strict watch will be kept on the non consumption of food or equal sharing of food by all. Special Foods will be served in Medical Hospital and Guest Shelters.

    Regular baths will be given through showers fitted to hose and the diseased ones will be given Sulpher Soap solution bath & Neem Oil message.

    Food Standardisation:

    Our main emphasis remains on giving balanced food to prevent illness, as prevention of diseases is most economical than giving treatment and medicine.

    After extensive studies made with different kinds of food, we have arrived at the best and cheapest food to maintain them in healthy condition. 1 kg of food is provided to a adult dog 3/4th Kg to a 1month to 4 month old puppy per serving two times a day. All get an indigenous morning breakfast tonic of light curd lassi mixed with rice paste, rock salt and sugar. Infants are fed with corn/rice/wheat porridge, curd/light milk & Livomix with spoons and syringes. They also get a dose of Calcium, Folic Acid & Vitamin A&D.

    Food ingredients: Well boiled rice mixed with well boiled soup of Soybean &Vegetables, cooked with Turmeric, Dhaniya, Chilly Powder, Salt (1%) and Curd during day and Milk during evening. Paitients get curd or milk rice with boiled chicken liver & soybean. They also gets biscuits and Pedigree Dog Food for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

    Medical Care:

    The dogs are watched to find any abnormal behaviour like non-consumption of food, vomiting, loose motion or motion with worms or blood traces. Immediate attention is given by administration of medicines & glucose. It has been found that 80% of the diseases can be avoided if initial attention is given. Our time tested medical formula with combination of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Allopathic treatment at different stages brings relief to the ailing dog. Other than giving right treatment we give proper nursing which is an integrated part of a medical care. The ailing dogs are also kept on comfortable beds and in cubicles. By the Grace of God we could cure variety of diseases like Pervo, Meningitis, Mouth Cancer, severe Skin Diseases, acute acidity and ulcer apart from physical injuries. We could even cure a case of Cananine Distemper but could not save him after 20days, as we could not get help in administering IV fluid to get him fully cured. BR>
    Centralised Dog Shelter.

    For comprehensive street dog management a CENTRALISED DOG SHELTER is to be made, discarding the present dog pound of GHMC, which is obsolete and against all norms as per PFA Act. The space can be utilized for other better utility of GHMC. An area of around 7-10 Acres will be required to handle & accommodate around 1000 dogs & puppies for total project implementation. (Greater Mumbai Municipal Corpn. has aquired 100 acres of land for rehabilitation of 5 lakhs street dogs in association with 5 NGOs. )

    The Complete Layout plan with all equipment details of the Centralised Dog Shelter has been given at the end. . This is at par with the dog shelters in USA & other street dog free countries, but the cost has been drastically reduced with local innovations. An ideal location have been found at Miyapur-Bachupally area, which is a barren rocky terrain, unfit for any construction. HMDA & GHMC may consider this site for building a modern dog shelter with minimum cost.

    Layout Design.

    An ideal enclosure will be a fenced land of 1500 Sq, ft area per 20-25 dogs or 100 puppies, with a low cost bamboo/ thatched roof construction with elevated cemented sloping floor for them to take shelter during rain, hot sun, and winter. A low height partitioned wooden bunk will be an ideal resting place for them. A cemented or aluminum trough with partitions will be provided for feeding. The partition will ensure no confrontation over food while taking food, as each one will take from separate place. A heap of sand at the centre of enclosure will give them the enjoyment of playing and digging. The slopping floor and feed trough will be hosed daily. Around 5 Acres of waste land will be required for accommodating around 10 thousand dogs. This city has guesstimated 1.5 lakh street/stray dogs. Within 5 years this number has to be reduced by at least 50 percent through two point programme:

    a. ABC Programme.
    b. Puppy & Dog Adoption/ Engagement for security duty programme.

    Dog Quarantine Procedure.

    All these collected dogs are to be placed in a special `sliding wall’ cages to give a germicidal wash at the Centralised Dog Shelter and then to be quarantined for medical checking. Feeding mothers with puppies are to be kept separately in cubicles & puppies without mother will be taken to a separate enclosure for vaccination. The special Sliding Wall Cages will move on wheels for placing at the truck level one by one, then to be taken to ‘waiting hall’ for feeding/ recording/ removing for treatment/sterilization. The `sliding wall’ will make the dogs to stand erect without any movement for checking and administering injections. Only healthy MALE DOGS will be sent for sterilization at the ABC Centers for CNVR Operations. Sick dogs will be separated for treatment at the CDS hospital and will be sent for sterilization after cure. ONLY NON-CURABLE dogs & puppies will be euthanised after obtaining opinion of at least 3 Veterinarians, as per PFA Act procedure. All details of layouts and equipments have been Mentioned at the end.

    Dog Immunisation & sterilization Procedure.

    Healthy Male Dog will be sent to one or more ABC Centers for CNVR Sterilisation and will be kept there for two days for antibiotic administration & wound dressing. Sterilised dogs will be placed in the POST OPERATION CARE ward where they will be placed in Scratch Prevention Cages individually. After two/ three days of staying in P.O.C ward they will be will come back to CDS for re-instating to their localities as per WHO/AWBI norms. Only sick/ disabled/ abandoned dogs will be accommodated in the CDS. Also the locality dogs which have been sponsored for removal from the locality will get accommodation.

    Since sterilization of Male Dogs are faster and more safe than female dog sterilization, so Male dog sterilization will give faster result in population control. It has been found that female dogs DO NOT go to male dogs for mating but male dogs takes possession of one or more female dogs for about 10/15 days for mating. If the male dog is sterilised he becomes sober and protects the female dogs from other non-sterilised male dogs. This experiment has been done at Mission Saromayo with 100% positive result.

    Puppy & Sick Dog Care Programme:

    The Feeding Mothers with their puppies will be housed in low cost bamboo/thatched roofed cubicles with small open courtyard for the puppies to play & the mother to get relief. Injured or Recovering sick dogs will also be housed in cubicles. They will be given SS Bowls for feeding. The 4/5 week old puppies will be first given vaccinations and then both mother & puppies will be removed to respective enclosures. Once the pups are fed on rice, they will get an ID tag with self locking plastic loop for vaccination & adoption record maintenance. Sick & injured dogs will be treated and kept in medical wards either strapped to the beds or in S.P Cages. This cage will not allow the recovering dog to bend and scratch or bite the wound. (pictures given at the end.)

    Feeding, Food Processing & Food Management Procedure.

    Waste food will be collected from the different `star’ hotels, where generally much of spices or fats are not used. Also the waste chicken legs will be collected from farms and chicken meat shops. The collected food will be first put in through a door of a round fine wire mesh Rotary Barrel with a central wash pipe. The barrel will be mounted on two Plummer block at each end for rotation. The central shaft will be a perforated hollow pipe for pressurized water to sprinkle on the waste food. The barrel will be rotated slowly either manually or by a electrical motor and at the same time water jets will wash the waste/raw food to wash off all fats & Spices & dirts. The washed water will be collected in the bottom tray and will be sent to a Septic Tank or Treatment Tank. After about 10/15 Mts. wash, the food will be poured in a ladle or trolley to put in a cauldron for boiling with Turmeric Powder for about 10/15 Mts. This food will put in a ladle for taking to different enclosures for distribution. The ladle will be taken on a roller trolley over round steel rail supported by steel or concrete posts. Locked ladle cover will ensure protection from weather. The food will be supplied through a measure mug on all compartments of food tray, for each dog to eat separately.

    The puppies, sick dogs will be given food made of well boiled broken rice paste mixed with milk, glucose or with waste chicken legs well boiled with vegetables & turmeric powder. Other foods like milk, biscuits, chew sticks, Pedigree/Soya granules, and glucose will be given as per requirements to sick dogs. Motherless puppies will be given milk and rice starch mixed with milk & glucose till they switch over to normal meals. The food will be served at least one time a day for normal dogs and twice in a day for puppies and sick/recovering dogs. No raw food will be served. All cooking, water boiling, lighting & water pump operation will be done through Solar Energy, with standby arrangement for emergencies.


    Utmost cleanliness will be maintained through pressure hose washing with bleaching powder mixed in water. The motto will be prevention is better than cure to save them from diseases.

    Bio Manure from waste food & animal excreta.

    All waste food and excreta will be dumped on flat beds for sun drying. The dried manure is odorless and excellent for horticulture and agriculture with proven result. The dried manure can be packed and sold as the natural manure.


    School & Multimedia Education Programme:

    By the term `integrated ‘it is meant that this progamme has to be integrated to the basic change in the mindset of the people and specially with the children, to cure them from Cynophobia (fear of dogs) or hate towards dogs in general and street/stray dogs in particular... The utility of dogs, the economic & security advantages of a watchman vs. a dog has to be highlighted. This will only ensure the home for street dogs. Intensive audio-visual presentations will be arranged in schools. The media exposure will also be given through articles and periodical advertisements. & talk shows in TV. The motto will be `Be Aware of Dogs not Beware of Dogs. Adopt them they will give their lives for their masters for one morsel of food and little pat they will get. Our city can be free of street dogs if ONE out of THREE HUNDRED citizen adopts one puppy or dog. The DOG FREE city will benefit the society more with no fear of dogs or `menace’ by them. The street dogs will get the benefit of food & healthy living as per the wishes of the Father of the Nation. Already one TV show, two interactive Radio Talks & a School Education Programme have been completed with excellent public and children response.

    The Adoption Programme for puppies will be aimed at homes and for dogs will be aimed at Farm Houses, Cluster Houses/ Gated Communities, Multistoried Apartments, Factories, Security Agencies & Armed Forces. They will be persuaded to have a fool proof security in place with 24 hours vigil of dogs. Plans of Dog Security Corridor, Dog Management etc will be given. For specialized Snuffer Duties the trained dogs will be provided to airports, bus station, railway station, public places etc. for terrorism prevention.

    This ` Integrated Programme’ will ensure a street/stray dog free city to the benefit of the dog haters, dog lovers and of course for Indian Dogs. Only the support of people is required to make this programme successful for their own benefit. . With the Dog Free City EVERY ONE including GHMC, Govt. Veterinarians, Veterinary Medicine & Accessory business etc will get benefited, as sterilized & adopted puppies and dogs will need medical care, medicines, dog foods, dog accessories etc, which will translate into more revenue for GHMC through license and other fees, more sales tax revenue through increased sales of medicines, foods and accessories, will need more veterinarians for treatment etc. Above all, Hyderabad will be at par with any street dog free civilized city in the world.


    Mobile Dispensary cum Operation Theatre Programme.

    Five Mobile Dispensary cum Operation Theatre Service will be operative in Five Zones of our city to give `on the spot’ treatment, CNVR Sterilisation & minor surgery service to all animals of our city. This will help those animals who can not be brought to a vet. Hospital or requires emergency attention. The fully equipped mobile service will be rendered by mostly retired Vet. Doctors as well as through time donation of practicing doctors. The SV Vet. University & Dept, of Animal Husbandry is to render all medical facilities along with Internee Vet. Medics for training cum assistance to Vet. Doctors.

    Policy on pet or companion dogs.

    A considerable number of stray dogs are pedigreed pet dogs abandoned by their owners on the streets for various reasons. This is a most cruel act on the part of owner to keep the pets for some years and then abandon them. These dogs are most miserable stray dogs, as they are not at all accustomed to garbage food & accommodating on roads. They are constantly chased by existing street dogs and gets injured or contacts diseases easily. To control this Inhuman act of abandoning the following actions are to be taken:

    1. All kennels and professional dog breeders are to get themselves registered with AWBI & GHMC for getting license. Unlicensed kennels & breeders are to be punished & closed .

    2. All kennels and breeders MUST keep records of dogs & puppies with complete details. under them to submit the same to GHMC every month.

    3. Each dog & puppy MUST have ID Chip Embedded in them giving name & registration number of the kennel, registration number of the dog & date of birth.

    4. Each dog & puppy must be sterilized before handing over to the purchaser and ear to be pierced for identification. Home breeding of the pet dogs are to be banned, as the litters are mostly discarded on the road. A GHMC license must be given for each dog.

    5. In case of ownership change, the original owner MUST inform GHMC/Kennel/ Breeder for changes to be made on register with complete particulars of the new owner for getting confirmation on the change of ownership.

    6. Any pet dog found on road will be traced to his/her owner by the ID Chip and explanation will be asked for abandoning the dog. If the reply is not satisfactory the owner must be fined and to be asked top pay Rs. 5000 per year for the maintenance of the dog in the CSD or in a AWBI recognized dog shelter. If the dog is suffering from any disease, then treatment charges will also be charged from the owner. If the owner fails to comply then it should be considered as a cognizable offence of cruelty under PCA Act. & proceedings under IPC is to be initiated for more heavier fine or jail terms or both as per PCA Act.

    Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    A Special Cell will monitor any case of cruelty on animals by getting complaints & daily visit to all wards in turn. The habitual offender has to be punished as per PFA Act.


    A pilot project has been undertaken at our premises at West Marredpally, Secunderabad where 53 dogs and puppies from all localities of Hyderabad/Secunderabad, are being kept which is 100% successful. Now a greater project has been undertaken for constructing a Model Home for Dogs Rehabilitation Centre, at Achampet , off Srisailam Road, Mahabubnagar Dist , Andhra Pradesh which will accommodate approx 500 puppies & distressed dogs, to demonstrate on the justification of our Master Plan for Rehabililtation of metropolitan city stray dogs. The estimated cost of this project is around Rs.18 lakhs and we are appealing to all to support us with their donation for this project. We have also appealed to vehicle manufactures to donate a vehicle for running our Mobile Dispensary cum OT.

    If GHMC helps us to build the Home & provide facilities then we can at least rescue and rehabilitate the puppies which are at present are at GHMC Dog Pound.


    The success story of the Visakhapatnam Municipality & VSPCA combine has drawn worldwide attention and praise on their humane method of dog collection, ABC Programme through improved CNVR method & dog rehabilitation. Foreign animal welfare associations and leading veterinarians from all over the world are visiting them. It will be a great opportunity for the officials of GHMC and Animal Welfare NGOs to visit Visakhapatnam to appraise themselves on the most commendable achievements of VSPCA with its founder Mr. Pradeep Jain.

    Preliminary Drawings/Diagrams/ Sketches

    The drawings & sketches are given below to explain the low cost scientific layouts, construction & equipments as designed by Mission Saromayo. After careful studies made on Thirty street dogs & puppies kept at Mission Saromayo, the layout has been made. The equipments have also been designed with careful observation of their behaviors during sickness & post–operative recovery. Everything given in the drawings or written elsewhere are based on proven result obtained on them during last 8 years. However the final design can be approved after consultation with all concerned persons.

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