Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

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We welcome donations in cash, kind and service. No donation is small. To donate to Mission Saromayo please visit our Donation Page for more information.
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 Draft Rules & Regulations for Membership.


1.      Any one from India & abroad from the age of 5 onwards can become a Member of the Society with an Annual Membership Donation.

2.      Application have to be submitted  in a prescribed Membership Application Form.

3.      The application is to be introduced by one or two Member/s.

4.      The admission as a Member is subject to approval by the Board of Governors.

5.       A Membership Donation of Rs. 100.00(Rs. One Hundred Only)is to be paid with the Application Form.

6.      All information in the Application Form must be true.

7.      Minors(below 18Yrs) should get signature/s of their father/mother/gaurdian.

8.      Members should consider the rescue & rehabilitation work of dogs as an opportunity to serve the society and God. They should encourage people to join the Mission.  

9.      Members will get a Badge for wearing and an ID Card.

10. Members will be requested to donate their time for the Mission Work as per their preference for the type of work mentioned in the Application Form.   

11. Members will help the Mission to collect puppies and dogs from their locality.

12. Members should give first aid to a injured or sick puppy & dog in their locality and inform Mission to collect the injured or sick puppy or dog.

13. Members have to attend an introductory class to make them familiar with Street Dog

        behaviour, handling, first aid administration, adaptation counselling  & public relations

14. No politics  or political activity can be brought in the Mission

15. All adult Members will have the right to vote and offer their candidature for the Board of Governors.

16.  No groupism  or  soliciting for vote will be allowed. Only normal information of the

Member seeking the position in the Board of Governors will be displayed on the

Notice Board. No posters or mails for campaigning will be allowed.

    17. The procedure for voting and election to the Board of Governors have been given in

           the Constitution of Mission Saromayo. 

    18  Members will not be eligible for re-imbursement of any expenses for the Mission

            Work, unless he/she takes prior approval for the same from the Board of Governors

            and submits his/her actual expenses proofs to the Board of Governors for re-


     19. Each Member have to spend at least ONE DAY to supervise the Mission Work.

     20. Members will attend the Meetings as and when intimated to them. Failure to attend

            the meetings for THREE consecutive occasions without any prior information will

            invite displinery action.ll  

       21. Members should pay their Annual Donation promptly. Failure to clear Donation on

             time will make him/her not eligible for vote and removal from the Roll of Members.  

      22. Members should abide by the Rules & Regulations that are added or amended

            through the decision of the Board of Governors or at Annual General Meeting.

     23. Members will get periodical report on the Mission activity and have the right to see

            the Accounts .They can give any complaint/suggestion/failure information/corruption

            Information to the Mission in writing and will have the right to get the feed back.