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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.

Taking a decision on adopting a pet is as crucial as taking a human child in adoption. Both come to a new home with much care & cuddling, but after a period of time poor puppy gets neglected. He/she gets isolated and has to lead a chained life at the mercy of servants. He/she suffers trauma which attracts disease. So mostly the people consider abandoning the sick pet on the street rather than getting it cured, as vet expenses are prohibitive. The once pampered little pup eventually has a painful death on the streets. Although the punishment for abandoning a human child and an pet animal is there as per IPC, but who cares for a dog?

Therefore we earnestly appeal to all to consider very seriously the following `Check Pointsí before adopting a costly puppy.


1. If the entire family, specially elderly people do not approve of taking a puppy in the family. Forcing a puppy on a non approving family will bring in family disharmony with ultimate wrath on the puppy.

2. If you are living in an apartment building, specially in those where other apartment owners / society will not tolerate a puppy/dog.

3. If you have a transferable job which will not allow you to take the pet along with you.

4. Unless you have time to take the pet for walk and to spend some time with him/her daily & groom him/her. You must have time to train him as occasionally he/she may chew up any household goods.

5. If you feel diseases will be brought by a puppy. Puppies and dogs do not bring any disease for human beings; rather human beings bring fatal diseases for them.

6. If you consider expenses on yearly vaccination, immunization, sterilization and treatment to be high. If a puppy / dog falls sick, treatment can run in to thousands of rupees besides having to take him/her daily to the Vet.

7. If you are unable to nurse the sick dog and do not try to understand his/her sufferings.

8. If a good arrangement for boarding can not be made while you all go on a holiday. Professional boarding arrangements are expensive.

So please note that taking a puppy at home is not only expensive but maintaining a puppy in good health is more expensive. Our earnest request is that next time you child demands a puppy then give him/her an expensive toy, if the above mentioned criteria are not fulfilled. A puppy is also a Godís creature and every religion has preached the care of animals and dogs (www.missionsaromayo.com). Please prevent their sufferings.

We get at an average one call per day to request us to adopt a pet dog which people wish to abandon. We agree to adopt the pet but request for their food etc expenses, as we do not get any grant or aid. People then stop calling. What more cruelty we can imagine that while purchasing the puppy they do not hesitate to pay hefty sums to kennels, but on the brink of abandoning they do not wish to pay for their food even. The puppy/dog is abandoned on streets increasing the number of stray dogs in the city.

R.K. Roy.
Home for Dogs
Mission Saromayo.

( The author is taking care of number of dogs and at his present age of 70 he manages the Home for Dogs with 52 dogs at Achampet (140 Km from city) all alone and has taken up an ambitious project for the welfare of dogs & puppies. It will be most kind of like minded people to join him to volunteer their service both at Hyderabad and at Achampet to serve the God through His creatures. He can be contacted for any dog related topic at 9912570529 10AM to 5 PM. )