Integrated Street Dog Rehabilitation Programme

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...GANDHI M.K.




Why Mission Saromayo? Numerous complaints on the Street Dog Menace comes from the residents of twin cities and more or less all efforts like, killing them or sterilizing them etc have failed to eliminate the street dog population from the twin cities.Therefore, a Definite TIME BOUND REHABILITATION PROGRAMME OF STREET DOGS has been taken up with missionary zeal by a DEDICATED GROUP OF STREET DOG LOVERS. They have dogs in their homes and they wish to expand that to accommodate all street dogs of this twin cities.`Saromayoí is the Sanskrit name for dogs. In Mahabharata only a Saromayo accompanied Yudhisthira up to the gateway to the Heaven, which was later found to be Lord DharmaRaj himself in the guise of a faithful dog.In Bali-Indonesia, the Street Dog Foundation is named as Yayasan Yudisthira Swarga. . ††

What is the Objective?To Remove & Rehabilitate Street Dogs from Hyderabad & Secunderabad cities within 5 years, to satisfy both dog haters and dog lovers and rehabilitate them as a pet in homes, cluster houses, apartment buildings, farm houses, police stations, `out of bound placesí of armed forces & defence establishments and in a scientific dog pound for sick, disabled or non-controllable dogs. .


Is this not an Utopian Idea? Sure in the beginning it will appear to be an absurd idea to many people, but if right planning is done and executed dedicatedly, then it will succeed. At least there is no harm in initiating this Mission, when all other efforts by GHMC, SCB and other Govt. aided NGOs could not produce a desired result, inspite of spending considerable sums in killing, sterilizing or spending huge funds for ABC programme. In a city where 200 lakh people live, adaptation of 2 lakh street dog is not impossible, if all agencies work together for a common purpose.


Why not a programme for welfare of human beings instead of Street Dogs? This programme will primarily help those human beings who have cynophobia(fear of dogs) and hatred for dogs or street dogs. If the dogs are removed from streets

they will have street dog free streets to walk and sleep undisturbed without the barking of stray dogs at night. Moreover there are nearly 200 Registered NGOs in our city, who are supposed to be working for human beings in all aspects of human lives but not a single NGO is registered for animals.(source internet). So we humbly started this Mission for the welfare of both human beings and street dogs.


How can this apparently impossible task be done when many others in India & abroad have failed ?


The main task will be to remove the fear psychosis(cynophobia) of dogs or street dogs from the minds of the people. Particularly the young boys and girls from schools are to be shown how friendly a puppy can be and he or she is much better than an inert toy of substantial cost. It has also to be taught that street dogs are no way inferior to pedigreed dogs and can be trained to the same degree of skill as that of a pedigreed dog. The cost of maintaining a street dog is less than Rs.100 per month. The Indian dogs are fully adapted to the Indian climate and conditions unlike pedigreed dogs and above all those are available for free with life time free advice on their maintenance and ailments. Advertisement are to be given periodically to show how friendly & faithful these dogs are in giving company and security. Therefore, the aim is not to confine the dogs in a huge pound but to treat them, immunize them, sterilize them, train them and then rehabilitate them. With dedicated groups in every locality this is achievable. The pilot project has been done in a number of homes in our city and found successful in rehabilitation, through public response.


What will be the cost of this Mission? Compared to the expenditures GHMC & SCB incurred or are incurring on programmes of maintaining a dog squad, doctors, dog pound, sterilization etc and the grants others are getting from both state & central govt., the initial cost will be a mere fraction of the same. Moreover the Mission will try to be financially self-sufficient for day to day operations as much as possible and as early as possible.A detailed costing for startup & day to day running of the programme has been made.The initial infrastructure cost will be around 10 Lakhs only. in phases. Even this cost can be obtained partially or fully, from worldwide donations, if we get a piece of land to start operations.


What is the Action Plan?††

  1. Formation & Registration of a non-profit Society with dedicated street dog lovers who can devote much of their time to this Mission. Ad-hoc nominations of its Board of Governors &Secretary.
  2. Establishment of a corpus fund.
  3. Advertisement & campaign for Membership drive.
  4. Operation of a Mobile OT cum Dispensary Service to all dogs ofthis city.
  5. Getting the allotment of the barren rocky land for Street Dog Rehabilitation,at Miyapur-Bachupalli from Govt.
  6. Building of infrastructure & fenced enclosures, as per scientific layout plan & structural drawings based on the many years of practical experience on several Indian dogs. Temporarily Bhoiguda hospital can be used for aftercare.
  7. Equipping the hospital, kitchen, shelters & office.as per plan & drawing.
  8. Getting & re-modeling of vehicles for Mobile Dispensary & self-attracting dog collection cages.
  9. Appointment of dedicated dog loving office & operational staff & training them.
  10. Fabrication and installation Special Purpose Devices for dog collection, food re-processing, food packing, food serving etcas per detailed manual & drawings.
  11. Stocking of herbal & allopathic medicines & vaccinations.
  12. Collection of waste food from star hotels and re-processing those to suite the dogs.
  13. Collection of puppies and mothers only, initially,though semi-automated self-attracting cages.
  14. Sterilization & aftercare of mothers of olderpuppies.
  15. Immunisation & sterilization of puppies through vaccinations & operations.
  16. Immunisation of mothers through antibiotic and anti rabbies doses.
  17. Acclimatisation & training ofall grownup puppies & mothers separately.
  18. Rehabilitation of grownup puppies & dogs in homes, apartments, farmhouses, offices etc. Onlyuncontrollable, sick & disabled dogs will be in the Mission shelter.
  19. Collection of other male & female dogs as per colony/localityrequests and area wise programme.
  20. Request to Govt./GHMC to bear the advertisement costs for public information on this programme and their

†††††† participation to make the twin cities stray dog free.

21     Request to GHMC to provide waste foods from star hotels & meat products from slaughter houses.

22     Request to Govt /Civil Supplies/private organizations to provide free or low priced broken/waste rice, gas, firewood, kerosene, electric, waste milk of damaged packages, Turmeric(Haldi) Powder, Garlic,Ginger. Glucose & medicines.

23 Request to Govt. to provide vaccinations & basic medicines & medical supplies.

24 Request to Govt. for free/concessional Electricity & Water supply.

25 Request to Govt for concessional diesel /petrol supply from Govt. petrol bunks.


What will be the source of resources?

  1. Donation from Dog lovers and haters & socially concerned corporate groups.
  2. Donation of a rocky & barren wasteland adjacent to Miyapur Housing Complex.from Govt/HUDA.
  3. Grant from Governments, GHMC, SCB & other Animal Welfare Organisations to build a mobile Dispensary & aHospital, a Kitchen, Shelters, Staff Quarters, Office and Fencings. Except for Hospital all other structures will be of mud walled, tiled or asbestos roofed structure.GHMC can close their existing Dog Pound at old city and utilse that land profitably. Govt. also can close almost non-functional dispensaries and advice the public to utilse the service of mobile dispensary visiting their locality periodically. .
  4. Donation of discarded ambulances and vehicles for dog collection, food collection/distribution, mobile dispensary/minor operation theatre.
  5. Donation of discarded and obsolete medical furniture from animal / human hospitals.
  6. Donation of medicines from pharmaceutical organizations.
  7. Donation from street dog adaptation, by individuals, farm houses, corporate offices., factories.
  8. Donation from supply of dog food to individual, farm house, corporate offices, factories
  9. Donation from treatment of pedigreed dogs.
  10. Donation from supply of medicines or treatment to pedigreed dogs.
  11. Donation from the lodging & boarding of pedigreed dogs.
  12. Donation of waste food from star hotels for re-processing through washing & sterilization and herb addition.
  13. Donation from dog owners for burial of dogs.
  14. Donation from Indian & foreign Animal Welfare Organisations & individuals.


What is the Manpower Planning ?

  1. A panel ofVet. Doctors & Para Medical Vet. Staff will be engaged on time donation/honorium/visit basis for Consultation, treatment ,operation & post-operative care of dogs.
  2. Agricultural University will be requested to send Vet. Students and internees for practical training at mobile & static dispensaries, operation theatres & treatment wards
  3. Radio/phone/Live Video contacts will be maintained with senior & experienced doctors locally as well as all over the world,to guide the senior & junior doctors in treatment & operations. All operations will be video taped for future guidance. Co-ordination with all Animal Welfare Organisations worldwide.
  4. The operational staff will be minimum. Drivers will be trained for dog collection, first aid. The kitchen & handling staff will be four with family residence. An all purpose Manager will be also be a resident with family.
  5. All office & other works will be done & supervised by Members of the Board of Trustees on rotational basis. No remuneration will be paid except for actual cost of performing the Mission work.


Who will check Operations ? Full transparency of operation will be maintained at website with complete accounts and administrative details.


What is The Goal: The aim of this Mission is to make the twin cities free of stray dogsand to give shelter and food to the Best Friend of human beings. Let them be free of any cruelty from human beings. Let them live as naturally as God created them. They are also Godís creatures like us and God has given us superiority to protect them as well as all animals. They also have the right to live as we the human beings have. The school children are to be brought regularly to ward off their fear on dogs and to be friendly with puppies. They can then impress on their parents for adopting a puppy as their playmate and security guard. Corporate, industrial houses & Security Orgns. can save huge cost on security through trained Indian dogs.

If this Mission succeeds then it can be a Model Mission not only in India but also in numerous third world countries having this stray dog problem.As it has been found that only sterilising and leaving them on streets does not solve the problem nor satisfy the citizens. It is inhuman to do mass sterilization and leave them on streets without post operative care to die a painful death.